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  1. @ossie7 we souldnt push them for release.let them have their own time. cometbird is ultimately superb.let them give time.anyhow yestday it was released.am happy for this. installed it.everything fine.i love CB.. :wub:
  2. I LIK open new tab feature in CB.one of da reasons y am sticked to CB..haha :lol:
  3. a very GOOD MORN to admins.. 1st of all thanks for da release of cometbird 6.0.2 since da release of version 5 have been waiting for update..so finally WE reached here 6.0.2 meanwhile i used firefox 6.0.2 just lik that.but am feeling much better aft installing OUR CB 6.0.2. AS USUAL its performance is very fast,excellent and really fantabuloussss.... my SINCERE THANKS to da DEVELOPERS for this EFFICIENT POWER PACK release....i had no complaints regarding this version.. AL DA BEST TO CB DEVELOPERS FOR FUTURE PROJECTS... :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
  4. thanks a lottt cant resist to wait for CB 4.0.1 HOPE it will be released soooooon...
  5. hi hello good morn ADMINS.. am here to know whether i was completely wrong or out of track in using cometbird 4?? coz til now i experienced not even a single technical problem with cometbird 4. to be frank am having a lots of fun with this browser.A VERY NICE experience with CB4. am seeing in the forum so many complaining about cometbird 4.but why like this??i didnt experience all those problems mentioned in our forum.so my doubt is whether i was wrong or they were wrong in using cometbird??or is it totally dependent on individual configured system?? have been using CB since 2 yrs i think.after switching to CB not even one time i touched the other browser even firefox too..but i keep on testing other browsers sometimes.but not satisfied. no other browser worked like this great COMETBIRD. all this credit goes to CB DEVELOPING TEAM. HATS OFFFF TO THEM thank u :wub: i just love COMETBIRD.
  6. @ABO3ISA https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/stratiform/ install this addon.its very useful to u. u can edit size n shape of address bar.addon bar,n tab bar tooooo.try it once n give feedback.
  7. sorry u didnt get my problem.i want the same homepage but i wanna add more categorie n more links to that page which am unable to process.this s my problem.now u got it sir??:blink:
  8. hi good morn admins..i need help from u masters.. have been facing this problem since so many months.but i didnt take it serious.but am bothering about it.so am here problem is http://google.atcomet.com/c/ this is my home page.when am trying to edit this page like adding category its not working for me.unable to edit that page for adding more links to that homepage. whats wrong with me?anything related to cache or something?pls give me suggestions for normal being of my homepage.thank u admins :D
  9. the file which i uploaded here form our server only which i downloaded when its provided here.i myself uploaded it to hotfile and had given link here.so no prob to download it i think
  10. http://hotfile.com/dl/116166842/f8b5d02/CometBird_3.6.16_en-US_setup.exe.html
  11. why link for 3.6.13 i wil upload link 3.6.16 which is immediate prior to cometbird 4 one more question why APPHIT is very reckless about updating cometbird every version?? link given below for 3.6.16 Link replaced with official page at cometbird.com
  12. @KNTRO BRO..thanks a lotttttt.now thats opening normally lik in opera.thank for suggesting that addon. MY PROBLEM SOLVED.thanks
  13. no its not regarding any appl fro mobile.ok once open it in opera.you people will see the difference.please open that link in opera.pls see the difference admins
  14. hi admins good aft noon.i need suggestions and help regarding going through one wap website https://mobile.prepaidsbi.com/sbiwap/ at present am using 3.1.6 version of cometbird. using broadband wifi internet connection. using KIS VERSION.everythng fine.am using this browser since 3 yrs. now i didnt get one thing. that particular website https://mobile.prepaidsbi.com/sbiwap/ i cant go through it.its website related nationalised bank for transactions.that website working fine in IE,OPERA AND CHROME. but whats wrong with OUR BROWSER.pls open this website in your browsers and pls check once whether you people also facing the same problems.if i was wrong give me suggestions to correct myself.if any problem is there pls rectify it soooooon. thanks in advance. my pc config---win7ult x86,1.8ghz,2gb ram
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