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  1. Dear kluelos, My main problem is how to make BitComet know my IP correctly, so other peers can speed up to share torrent to my computer via port 26523. regard of my upper reply it show that http://visualroute.visualware.com/ can ping and route to my IP. i am not perfectly behind gateway or firewall. but GreatFirewall make other peer&BitComet server misunderstand and take GreatFirewall IP instead of my IP. the consequence is every peer which try to connect to me try to connect to GreatFirewall instead of my computer. so no one can connect to me via port 26523, that is the problem.
  2. 1) tracert is new command for me,thank you. 2) last reply i tract for both side -from my IP to www.visualware.com in 6) (you can see first image write 'Traceroute to www.visualware.com') -from www.visualware.com to my IP in 7) + second image 3) last reply i already check my IP with server in china, the result is at 4) now i check again and both of http://www.7y8.com/V/ip.asp http://www.myip.cn/ show while my current IP is so it seem china firewall everythings even domestic connection! 4)so what i can do is to wait bitcoment download at 5-14KB/s until
  3. Thank you all, i would to give additional information to you. 1)i am in Xiamen, Fujian Province. 2)now my ipconfig still show 221.175.122.XX 3)My IP detected from international server is 124.160.98.XX. 4)China Domestic server http://www.7y8.com/V/ip.asp show 122.225.55.XX (What? they firewall even inner contry?) 5)can't traceroute with simple CMD 'ping -r 9', it always Request timed out. (it is ok to ping, if there is no -r parameter.) 6)i download VirtualRoute to trace, here is IP node in the result(see the picture below) TTL 0 TTL 1 TTL
  4. You needn't quote the previous message unless you're referring to some part of it, which you should keep in that case. For the rest of times, use the Fast Reply box or Add Reply button. I've let your IPs visible just for the mods. Here what information you need. -BitComet 1.15 stable release -ADSL China Mobile -No Router(Direct Connect via PPoE) -WinXP SP3, Windows's firewall, AVG 8.5 -speed line 2MB (but speedtest.net result is 1.6MB) here is my IP. whatismyip show 'Your IP Address Is: 124.160.98.X' BitCommet show 124.160.98.Y DynDNS Updater show 124.160.98.Z right-click network c
  5. i am in china now. BitCommet show yellow light for 26523 port blocked i try to check and firewall is already set for BitComet when i use CMD command, ipconfig show that my IP is 221.175.XXX.XXX. but BitComet's yellow light show 'Blocked:124.160.XXX.XXX:26523' How to solve it? How to tell my real IP to BitComet? or this is China's GreatFireWall to block torrent??? please help, Thank You
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