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  1. I seem to be having a issue accessing the bitcomet wiki lately, everytime I try the content doesn't load, I get the navigation buttons at top and then where the main content should be I get nothing. I did try going to the bitcomet detailed info page which displayed a list of links however clicking on a link does nothing. I mainly use chrome and thought it was the browser however I then tried IE9 and had the same issue my phone and tablet also has the same issue, phone was using mobile internet instead of wifi.
  2. The bitcomet floating window thing shows that I am uploading a file at a certain speed, lets say 30kb as the example however when I check in the client the only torrent being downloaded and uploaded shows upload speed to be 0kbps. Is this normal?
  3. I'm using version 1.23 right now
  4. But that takes you to the bitcomet site to download the latest version, so it has to be downloaded and run manually instead of having the program search for a update, downloading and installing the update all on it's own without needing the user to do anything.
  5. I think there is a auto update that searches when bitcomet starts but in order to actually get the update I have to go to the website in my web browser and download it, then run it. I would love to see a auto update feature added to bitcomet so if a newer version is found it asks if I want to update and when I click on yes it downloads, installs and restarts bitcomet, instead of having to use a web browser to download newer version.
  6. Sorry for the long delay in getting back, I have now finally managed to get it to work with both connections. I got Bitcomet to randomly give me a port and then took that port and created a new rule in router and assigned it, as soon as I restarted bitcomet with wireless disabled it worked perfectly. And all I have to do now is type in the port for the wireless connection and it will work with that connection. Thanks for your help.
  7. I'm having the same problem so I'm guessing they are still having server issues since they moved server? I'm downloading and not earning any points :( Edit: Funnily enough the problem has now fixed itself.
  8. That wiki page didn't help me. As for the firewalls, I have 2 firewalls, Mcafee and the built in one on my router, windows firewall is completely disabled and I do not have any other firewalls installed or running, if I did I'm pretty sure I would be getting a yellow light on all my internet connections. Anyone got any other suggestions?
  9. Recently upgraded to windows 7 and installed Bitcomet however I seem to be experiencing a problem with it saying either the port is blocked or detection failed but only when I have my laptop connected via ethernet. This is strange as when I was using vista it had the same problem only the other way round, the port was blocked on wifi but not on ethernet. I have added the port on my router which is BT Homehub 2 and have also allowed it in McAfee but it still won't work. I'm pretty sure it's not the firewall as wifi works fine. Anyone know what the problem could be? Also anyone know why my downloads seem to reset themselves in bitcomet to 0%? I'm pretty sure when I turned my laptop off last night my downloads were at 2% however today they are at 0%.
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