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  1. Thanks once more! I guess bad habits do die hard. ZA has been around for a long time and for free when there were very few other alternatives. I guess, it grew on me and I turned a blind eye to it obvious faults. I'll look into the link you've provided and I'll replace ZA with some better software; any favorites?
  2. First, thank you for your speedy reply. I've been using ZA for many years now on several PCs and under various windows OS . It has hardly ever given me trouble. True, it takes ages to load but proved to be invaluable. People are quick to blame ZA for all of their problems. I see no reason to... but that's just my experience. Anyways, the current security suite was installed some weeks ago, so I followed your advice and uninstalled it. I installed the latest free version of ZA instead. I tried uTorrent and Bittorrent and both work fine. BitComet... crushed after 10 minutes (showed 3 instances). I uninstalled BitComet, deleted all of its folders etc.. cleaned the registry. Installed 1.16 afresh and...what do you know, no problems. So, logically something went wrong with the previous, update installation.
  3. I've started using the 1.16 version not long ago, and the following problems appeared quite quickly: 1. I need to start (click the exe) 2-3 times before the interface appears on screen although the process does appear in the task manger after the first try. Sometimes the task manger shows 2-3 instances of the process where only the latest instance shows to use enough RAM. 2. After 15-30 minutes of continuous downloading, Bitcomet freezes and announces (by a message box) that it stopped functioning. Clicking "yes", "no" or the "cancel" button doesn't do a thing. Trying to kill the process in the task manger is impossible. Internet browsers are either frozen, too or do not connect anymore. The PC has to be always restarted manually. Background: the 1.16 version was installed over an earlier version of Bitcomet. No clean install. PC: P4 CPU 3.2GHz Memory: 2GB Mainboard: MIS MS-7176 OS: Win XP SP3. Antivirus: Avast 4.8 Firewall: ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 9.1 (Bitcomet is fully forwarded) Internet Connection: ADSL via router (never caused any problems) Browser: firefox Your thoughts, please. Thanks.
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