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  1. how to integrate cometbird into the dam? here it is: hxxp://www.damdownloader.com/ it s free and much better cos cb is free too. admin or expert, pls check and help up
  2. srini, i m here... trying 3.6.3, too. big thanks for cb team :)
  3. is from Cambodia, Kingdom of Wonder

  4. is from Cambodia, Kingdom of Wonder

  5. is from Cambodia, Kingdom of Wonder

  6. srini, thanks and thanks
  7. do agree with srini... hello srini happy birthday to me, cos it s today 07th April. happy birthmonth to you cos urs on 19th April. hahaha Khmer new year is from 13-15 April, dont you know? so cometbird team has only 4 more days to release 3.6.3... haha just kidding - do satisfy with 3.6.2 already. thanks for advice from the mod. it s in louge :) regards and thanks srini for letting me know it is moved here :)
  8. srini, i m here but u r always a step ahead of me cos i was on mobile whn i got the update about the 3.6.3 of FF. now wat date do u set to expect our hard working cb team to release 3.6.3? hahha
  9. srini, i m here and already downloaded it. after this post, i m upgrading it... wowow wonderfuly and big thanks again to CometBird dev team... cheers and srini, if possible help to inform me by email then i check it often as i m travelling to the remote areas for my work these days more frequent :) cheers again
  10. hi srini and cometbird dev team... big thanks for yr contribution and commitment :) for sure it s released as what of srini mentioned... 29March even 1 day advance :) wowowowow i m downloading it and will update it soon. regards and cheerssss!
  11. wow it s very excited lah. will c if our cometbird team can work it out :) regards and with respects to cometbird team
  12. srini, finally you are right and i win :) https://developer.mozilla.org/devnews/index.php/2010/03/22/firefox-3-6-2-update-now-available-as-free-download/
  13. i just exclaimed cos i m at yr side... haha, how r u Srini.? i m fine. n now i m using 3.6 of CB since the release date 05Feb till now. but dont know what wrong, it s crashing all time when i close it :9 but i can live with it anyway. or u ve advice to me?
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