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  1. here comes my left middle finger for You and your software...... ....................../??/) ....................,/?..// .................../....// ............./??/'...'/???`?? ........../'/.../..../......./??\ ........('(...?...?.... ?~/'...') ........\.................'......../ .........'\'...\............ _.?? ............\...............( ..............\.............\
  2. bitcomet crashes many times its only written there....if u dont know english then why are u in the support team
  3. the older version were good ie 1.21 or some what like that...but these days....fkkkkkkk .....software has become a h***.... u open the software when it will respond god knows ....... got a very good system ##### System Information ##### OS: Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 (6.01.7601) DirectX: 9.0c CPU name: AMD Phenom II X2 545 Processor CPU speed: 3008MHz Memory: 2047MB Screen size: 1920x1080 (32bits) Video card: ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 Series, 1024MB Audio card: {1} {2} {3}
  4. ok the link to the other post of mine is resolved so this is also resolved i no need to close bitcomet via any means because it does not use any bandwidth anymore if no task is running.simple the problem was dth was enable!!!!! i want to request to the developer team to add an advanced option (on the Options-->Advanced settings page in BitComet) which when set to TRUE would allow BitComet to disable DHT during periods of no activity in BitComet Scheduler, thus minimizing the traffic generated by BitComet at maximum & also to make auto quit of bitcomet fixed liked i set once i need not have do it again i mean automatically like mr greywizard said in the first line of his previous reply make it automatically if possible thanks bitcomet team
  5. sir i am now removing the photos because its public anything can happen..
  6. sir i am sorry about i was not aware of what dth is now i can see the changes in bitcomet its working fine thanks,not using any single bandwidth in any time many thanks u don't know the value of this for me now i can download freely with no tension but can u add a feature like u said that disable dth while scheduler off the task anyways thanks case resolved thanks bitcomet
  7. ok ok ok this full of story i am already aware of it i use bitcomet from many years i agree your are correct on your site in every matter u told i also agree that i use wrong method to stop bitcomet but the problem does not lies in closing the bitcomet accidentally the problem lies that i have got a limited period of download time i use bitcomet scheduler to download my stuff and the scheduler works fine stop all my download at time but when it stops all the download it still uses the bandwidth this thing i have discuss in the link in my post but for this case it better to close bitcomet other than to stop my downloads in order to close via scheduled task it persist this problem of restarting the method of closing bitcomet via scheduled task is same as that of closing bitcomet from windows task manager so can u give me a proper solution of starting bitcomet at 2 am and automatically stop at 8 am stops automatically means the the task wouldn't run in my pc. any better solution which you can suggest you know better than me about bitcomet
  8. what will be the ip in the wireshark goto to this link and download all the status exported from wireshark u can get the in all the information try once http://rapidshare.com/files/388707670/status_wire_shark.rar.html
  9. well u r correct this is only the problem why this bitcomet starts again when accidentally closed by windows task manager or the same happen with the scheduled task of windows,Is there any solution of not starting bitcomet if closed from windows task manager accidentally
  10. Sir your r little bit up to the mark!!!!! 1. see u try at your pc once go to scheduled task 2. add a new task bitcomet 3. give any time any date 4. after u r done with it right click on it 5. click run 6. bitcomet will start 7. works normally 8. start any torrent task in bitcomet 9. it will start downloading 10. ok now minimize bitcomet 11. right click on it 12. click end task 13. bitcomet will close 14. but a crash report comes 15. when the crash report is completed bitcomet again starts 16. u see your task is not running Now I don’t want this that this bitcomet starts again..... I also told that if no task is running in bitcomet, it still uses the band width that’s in the next post link http://www.cometforums.com/topic/12794678-uses-bandwidth-for-no-use-even-no-task-is-downloading/page__p__53047entry53047 The same happen in case of scheduling a task it start & if u has given a restricted time to stop bitcomet it will end up like this restarting bitcomet Now it seems your might understand my post go step by step. The second quote is important because either one of them solved will resolve my problem at least!!!!!
  11. i have already made disable DHT, LT-Seeding, e Mule plugin and Torrent Exchange u can see in the photograph there is no task running my listing port is 25286
  12. sir ur r little bit up to the mark !!!!! see u try at ur pc once --> goto scheduled task --> add a new task bitcomet ->> give any time any date ->after u r done with it right click on it --> click run--> bitcomet will start -->> works normally --> start any torrent task in bitcomet--> it wil start downloading ->>ok now minimize bitcomet--> right click on it -->click end task--> bitcomet will close -->but a crash report comes -->when the crash report is completed bitcomet again starts --> u see ur task is not running --->> now i dont want this that this bitcomet starts again..... i also told that if no task is running in bitcomet , it still uses the band width thats in the next post link http://www.cometforums.com/topic/12794678-uses-bandwidth-for-no-use-even-no-task-is-downloading/page__p__53047entry53047 the same happen in case of scheduling a task it start & if u have given a restrited time to stop bitcomet it will end up like this restarting bitcomet
  13. the topic seems to be some what new because i have emerge with a problem with the new bitcomet i must be a useful thing for others but not for mine as my download is limited to 2am to 8 am i have made number of scheduled task to download my stuff i only use bitcomet as a down-loader it is the best torrent client as per my download i start bitcomet via scheduled task at 2.15 am and as my download limit is only upto 8 i need to kill the task before so for that case i have change setting in task scheduler to stop the task if runs for 5 hr 30 min in that case it will stop at 8.45 am but the new bitcomet start automatically when the task is stopped by scheduler ok after its starts all the task running in download of bitcomet stops but still it uses the internet bandwidth without running any task i have discuss about the bandwidth use in the topic from me before u can go to the topic to see the problem i want that bitcomet could solve any of my problem will be help full for me asper in this topic if the software does not restarts after stop from scheduled task my prblem will be solved because no bitcomet no extra bandwidth usage asper the next topic link mentioned it restarts and does not use bandwidth then no problem my bandwidth will not be used solve any of it http://www.cometforums.com/topic/12794678-uses-bandwidth-for-no-use-even-no-task-is-downloading/page__p__53047entry53047
  14. it can happen that a user can't be available for some day i am a student was with the exams!!!!!!!! well in this case i tried to use wire shark i too much complicated i surppose but i send u all the status i found after the test running normally without any type of application and for 30 sec and running with bitcomet status for 30 sec like now what do u say i have also uploaded the exported files for wire shark download it from here http://rapidshare.com/files/388707670/status_wire_shark.rar.html see the photos for the status
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