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  1. hey all after posting this i have spoken to a lot off people that have been duped with this sort of file it is not one person doing this but large organisation who feel cheated by us downloader for not pay any fee to watch there films. And this is so wrong as i have learned alot by downloading and gone on to other stuff including a ccna course which i feel i would not have started if downloading was not posible it made me sit at the computer and learn. at the present i am unemployed and if downloading was not possible i would have gone back to dealing and smoking weed which i have not done for year and half now i have only been out of work for 2 months and it has been a a god send to be able to sit at home without climbing the walls just having some thing to do keeps me of the weed gray if you read this i want say sorry mate i should have listened to your words of wisdoms that said when i have money i still by dvd,games and still go to the cinema to watch films but if any one has gone to see "men who stare at goats" at the cinema, i know will feel cheated what a s*** film. but after many trys at downlaoding "avatar" i finally got to see it at home and now want to go to see it on the big screen thanks to all for feedback but keep posting
  2. grey stupidy is walking a way when you find a problem which you have asked me to do, i like to hit things head on and if i still cant i ask for help the true way to show your brain power i say i will find a way to view the files thanks ash
  3. i download items but when i go to play them it displays that i require mirosoft codec but i have all the latest codec installed. som other download ak you to use media player and then media player will not play the file. can anyone help
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