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  1. Maybe this would be smth off-topic... I've downloaded the latest BC 1.18 ZIP package from here. But it turned out to be a Solid RAR archive in fact ;) Just thought you should know, though I had no problem extracting the contents with Winrar.
  2. That's not true. For the latest stable release version 1.8.5 if you try to start a >4Gb-file task on a FAT32 partition, you'll get this: That could happen with the early versions of µt, but from that days they have worked on this issue for sure :) This is where we come again to your previous statement: I just tried to copy a 5Gb image file in Windows Explorer (I mean this native file manager) to a FAT32 partition with enough free space and, as expected, got this error That's the error you are talking about. But there aren't any errors if you try to copy it to NTFS or EXT3 partition in the same Windows Explorer! And all I'm asking is to really make BitComet work the way you described above: "BC proposes to write a file larger than 4GB to the disk, and the operating system...". Let BC offer the OS to write a large file! If the OS returns an error like it does in case of FAT32, then stop, but if it doesn't - let the OS do the job!
  3. Maybe I'm wrong with my inferences ;) So, any suggestions why µTorrent works OK in this situation and BitComet doesn't? :wacko:
  4. Here is a quick solution. You can just download the ZIP version here http://www.bitcomet.com/doc/download-achive.htm and extract the contents to the directory where you have 1.16 installed, replacing all the files. None of your torrents will be deleted during this operation, all of them will stay in place.
  5. To me the conversation between BC & Windows is like this: BC: Large file in the torrent. Hey, Win, what's the file system of the destination partition and is there enough free space? Win: FS is EXT3, enough free space. BC: <_< uh... what's that? Oh, never mind, you Win can only handle large files with NTFS and this must be some kind of a FAT16 or FAT32 :D Win: Well, actually it's not, and I can... BC: No, you can not, Win B) Hey, user, give me NTFS for this torrent! And some prove is on the way... For example, Total Commander (and any other Windows file manager) works with Ext2Fsd-mounted EXT3 partition and large files on it just perfectly (I:\ is an EXT3 partition): But let's try something more relevant to BitComet like µTorrent :rolleyes: Adding a torrent with a large file to a EXT3 as a destination: Starting the task: Works OK... Strange, isn't it? :rolleyes: Checking the file in the destination dir: No errors, no "give-me-NTFS" demands, works just as it should. The very same torrent in BC - and you already know what the result will be! But why doesn't OS return any errors to Total Commander, µTorrent or any other application? Or would you say they all perform that low-level disk access bypassing Windows HDD managment? :lol: There would be no need for Ext2Fsd then. There's no need for this! All the troubles come just of BC's logic: "Large file on non-NTFS? Won't even try and ask Windows if it can handle this!"
  6. That's the way Bitcomet works now and it can go wrong sometimes (well, at least in my case it does :) ). I suggest not to check whether the destination file system for the large file is NTFS and then decide it must be FAT16 or FAT32 only, but instead of this check whether it is FAT16 or FAT32 and if not - allow torrent task to start. In this way nothing is changed for these 3 native Windows file systems but allows in cases like mine to get the things done. Or at least make some advanced option to ignore this 'Non-NTFS'-warning... Thats what I'm trying to say! No need for Bitcomet to get raw disk access or something - with Ext2Fsd Windows handles EXT2/EXT3 partitions as easy as its native FAT/NTFS. No need for Bitcomet event to know about the Ext2Fsd running - just start the torrent task and Windows will store the files on this partition just perfectly!
  7. Got an issue when trying to download large files with Bitcomet 1.17. When opening a torrent file and choosing destination directory is says: "File to be downloaded is larger than 4GB, please modify your destination location to NTFS...". Okey-dokey! I know that FAT32 doesn't support files larger than 4GB, but the thing is I'm using an EXT3 (for network media player) formatted HDD partition which is connected to Windows XP OS via Ext2Fsd utility. Windows recognizes it correctly (like an ordinary FAT32 or NTFS local drive in "My Computer") and says it is EXT3 partition in its properties. SO, it would be really nice if in such cases (file(s) >4GB in torrent) Bitcomet could check whether the destination file system really is FAT, FAT32 or any other FS that doesn't support large files and only then give an advice to change FS.
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