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  1. Pleasure is all mine. But I still wonder if that merging was the real culprit. As you mentioned, the fragmentation could have been the one behind the issue, as even with ample free space shown, that partition had 79% of fragmented files. I didn't bother to defrag thinking that as am downloading (multiple)torrent files, defrag might not do anything good. Anyway, thank God it is ok now kz I just love this 'move finished files' option :lol: Bye.
  2. :mellow: I guess I found the cause (I think !)... after every possible routine checks showing no issues in related area, I simply used another HDD (partitioned by OS) and went with the 'move' option in BC. And guess what, no issues there ! What (I think) I did wrong was I used partition wizard in both cases to 'merge' two partitions when I was running out of space. That is the only possible reason that I can find.. And with the new HDD (not new, simply partitioned without the assistance of PW) no sign of the old error message (at least nothing yet). Though, one thing I forgot to try is defragmenting the 'save' directory. Will try downloading something big with the 'move' option enabled. Thanks for the assistance.
  3. Have not tweaked the def' cache size on both machines. One is equipped with 3 GB DDR 1 (533) & other with 3 GB DDR 3 (1600); and so on 32b OS in both cases. I had a file copying assistant (teracopy 2.12) installed in both machines, tried uninstalling that too even though BC uses the windows def' copying agent. Did uninstall the v1.27 y'day. Will try rolling over to 1.25 & then 1.26 and will post the result. Also will do a surface scan on HDD & use another partition to move. Thanks.
  4. @ The UnUsual Suspect & greywizard Sorry for not mentioning the OSs that I was using. I'm using multiple OSs on two PCs, Win 7 & XP SP3, both showed the same issue. And as far as the free-space left on the partition, there was about 7 GB or so left, when the application was trying to move a file nearly 3 GB in size (no compression enabled too). And in case of moving files, the OS always reserves space and still uses the buffer/temp to cover a possible interruption. Considering THAT fact too, things do not add up. If I disable the 'move to' option, things are fine. Now I got to check the .BC extension to pin-point the finished DLs (without turning the application on). I guess after moving, BC is unable to track the file (somehow) in order to seed. I get the audio & pop-up alerts on the successful completion and BANG! application crashes (leaving the file in the default directory itself). I tried disabling & removing PC security tools (NOD & KAV on each machine) along with turning the firewall off. Is it a bug ? I didn't find anything similar in related threads. Should I go with a fresh installation after cleaning the traces ? I just upgraded the application this time, you know. I'll also try rolling over to an older version. Anyway, thanks for the help. Been using this awesome piece of software since 2006, and am seriously satisfied with it's performance (and the OL support!). Apart this lil thingy, everything else works perfectly in both OSs (Logging in, auto shut-down, seeding, scheduler, everything)with no tweaked advanced options.
  5. I don't recall from which version of BitComet this issue popped up. It surely was there in v 1.26, today I upgraded to 1.27 and the same story continues. I had enabled 'Move completed tasks to' (another folder in the same partition) option and since some time, whenever a task gets completed successfully (DL only) the application simply crashes with error report option, and it restarts. Moreover, sometimes the completed files are marked with that yellow triangle with an exclamation mark, saying 'some files are missing' (a false positive, I got EVERY single file that I intended). Thing with this 'restart' is that the whole queue gets disabled, and unless am around to check and kick-start it again, no DL/UL will commence :( Is this a bug ? Not that it is a BIG deal leaving the completed files as they are (disabling the 'move' option), but it was quite a useful thing to have. Last but not the least, does it have anything to do with the free space in that partition ?? -Thanks-
  6. :mellow: Don't mind me; but isn't it the same issue ? Can't install 1.17
  7. :o That worked ! Scheduler now works like a charm ! No issues, also enabled the 'Automatic Shutdown'(Quit) at the time I want to terminate the connection/application. No prob in this section now. :rolleyes: Thanks A Lot.
  8. I will do that soon, Gray; thanks for the help. Yesterday experienced another issue. The status went green in seconds after I started the application, so did the passport log-in. But then; the Upload & Download speeds were so low ! Tried many torrents with excellent health (in case of seed and peer), but nothing happened. I had set UL rate at 52 kBps; where as the uploading rate was 19 kBps (in total, 4 torrents or so). I am having issues in the transmission line (mine is a telephone line integrated connection) so I hope this issue is related to that. While checking to tweak BC, landed on one guy's post in a blog that said, he was using BC for quite sometime, and suddenly his U/L rate dropped (hence the D/L rate) and his 'theory' was that BC clients are not welcomed now a days in other torrent client interfaces. That old 'fair-play' theory again. I've asked those crappy ISP techs to fix my connection on last friday; and still no action from them. I'll fix it first and give it a try. Thanks.
  9. "Did you forget to mention it or you forgot to do that?"- - :lol: my bad; in all that listing; i 4got to mention that.. I logged on to my router's IP, entered the static IP that I chose ( in the port 4warding section), listed 'application' as BitComet; then entered the port number I chose in the place of: * ALL TYPE *TCP *UDP and applied. In router status menu; (after refreshin the router), the port was successfully entered & was OPEN. Tried changing the IP, and the port number; but no use. In the past 3 years; I started with Bit Torrent (no issue ever regarding this; even if somthing came up; was resolved by "check again"), U-torrent (never, but was slow) and Vuze (occassionally; but replaced it due to it's resource consumption). I had no issue regarding this 'status' till 2-3 months (or sooner) since 2008; when I started using BitComet & stuck with it because of it's performance.
  10. I'm surely no network admin; but I guess I did every possible thing to make BC work, and it didn't. 1. IPCONFIG; got my Default Gateway from there. 2. My IP & DNS (default) are not the same; hence going for port forwarding. 3. Chose a similar ID to my router's IP. 4. Got DNS from ISP. 5. Entered manual IP, subnet mask, & gateway. Entered DNS server addresses. 6. Chose port address between 49152 & 65534 in BitComet options. 7. Unchecked 'UPnP Port Mapping' 8. Disabled every restriction & filtering in Router. 9. Restarted both Router & PC. 10. Disabled firewalls & AV tools. Still, the status is 'blocked'; in BitComet. With every other torrent clients working perfectly without any port forwarding; I wonder whats happening here. My humble conclusion still points either to my ISP or to a possible bug.
  11. I hope this helps.. http://i228.photobucket.com/albums/ee148/red_ninja_blaze/JUNK/2.jpg
  12. I don't want to sound rude; but have you ever heard of dynamic IP ? ( - for about a billion users)Mine is such a connection; where both IP & DNS are assigned automatically by ISP server. I didn't know IPCONFIG will provide IP & DNS in a dynamic connection :lol: . Also, most of the public DNS from OpenDNS failed to have a fix on the link (mine is an 'always connected' connection), so I relied on ISP, once again. And on the tech issue; where I'm from; the techs do not know how to differentiate a pink elephant from a router. I'm having a faulty line since a week; with about 2-3 written complaints to the L-1 tech; I'm still waiting for something to happen. On asking about DNS; they simply are saying they do not know much about that; contact the higher authority ! World is a funny place sir, if you think everywhere you have the same standard; I'm sorry to say you are terribly WRONG. (P.S. I'm from India; that kind of gives you the picture of the 'techs' who are employed in public firms)
  13. Still the same issue; logged into the comet passport in 1 second; but status shows 'Detect failed' and is gray. Checked again, to get 'IP BLOCKED' Tested the same with U & Bit torrents; which went to green in under 3 seconds. I guess my ISP is responsible; is there any hope for me via port forwarding ? Configuration: CPUs : Intel P 4 HT 3 & AMD Athelon 2.4 OSs : XP SP3 & XP SP2; both 32 bit Connection : 2Mbps broadband Modem : Nokia Siemens C2110 Bit Comet Versions checked : 1.15 - 20100111 (beta); same issue in all versions. :(
  14. Since the past five six months; I'm struggling to get the green light. Sometimes it gets green; mostly it shows orange; with serious lowering in the download rate. The thing I want to know is, if this is triggered by the ISP, will forwarding the port do any good. The thing is my ISP sucks in the tech division; I've asked for my DNS address several times; but they are not providing it (God knows the reason). So if port forwarding is useful even if the ISP has blocked bit comet's IP ranges; I'm planning to go to the higher authority to get the DNS (I didn't find that in my MODEM's status section; so ISP is my hope now. How I was happy with the performance of BitComet till all this mess came along !
  15. Thanks a lot for the replies. Sorry that the lion's share of my queries where already in FAQ & general discussions; but I just attached them along with my main issue; the scheduler. 210-220kBps sure is a healthy download rate in a 2Mbps connection; but I wonder how I was blessed with 295-320kBps for about 6-7 months in BitComet; with the very same configuration (hardware & software), also if bandwidth capping is to be ruled out while using BC. I don't know how many will agree with me; as I have tweaked all possible tweaks from forums & net in Vuze/BitComet/Bit Torrent/U-Torrent & Bit Spirit; and YES, BC is REALLY fast during the comparison; about 20-25kBps fast. I don't know if it is related with the BC passport system; being able to secure more long-time seeds as your experience increases. I tried the port forwarding; but it secures the same traffic rates; so I switched back to UPnP & dynamic/random port scheme. I still am having trouble with the scheduler; which fails to stop the traffic at the specified time.
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