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  1. Hi all, can anyone help me please. I have problems with bitcomet annd all my downloads have disappeared from bitcomet. Where are they? Help please. If I go to run what do I type in to find them. Thanks
  2. I have been using bitcomet for a long time without any problems but today all my torrents have disappeared, both the completed ones and the downloading ones. Bitcomet tips keeps popping up to tell me that my disk driverĀ© is full but it cant be, theres nothing downloading. I know my finished torrents are in here somewhere but where? I also have a small graph on my screen that is telling me my download speed, I never had this before. I use firefox and I have a wireless modem. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, I have been using Bitcomet for some time now and just thought I had better say hi to everyone and thanks.
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