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  1. New Information: The program runs the same whether played in Comparability Mode for Windows 2003 (SP1) or for windows 7 Starter. However, the video plays better (more or less correctly), when the program runs with only 256 colors and/or in forced 640*480 screen resolution.
  2. I don't know why. I know the link does not work but when the URL is manually entered or copied and paste it works just fine. I will try to add it to this post (and this will be a different file, since this is not my only media viewing computer and I need to copy each file onto his computer's tiny hard drive file by file, but the same thing happen every time.)
  3. (One final note: MPC star 5.0 work perfectl;y find on my laptop (screen res 1280*800, 32 bit color), but not on my net book. Screen res currently 1024*768, and 32 bit. Due to the lesser screen size (physical,about 10.1") could it be too tight for the video. I doubted this would matter since Window Media can/will play them.)
  4. grey- I uploaded the following files to my web space. http://lbd9.tripod.com/MOV01122.AVI It is 5MB, and 14 seconds at 320x240. The audio is poor quality but that is the recording not the player. The audio on other files was played at perfect quality. DUE TO TRIPOD RULE THIS LINK WILL NOT WORK. THE URL IS GOOD THOUGH. Suspect- All the internal codecs that came with the MPC Star (minus the rat DVDs). I prefer ffdshow myself. The only other thing I found was a Dolby AC3 codec that I found online before I got MPC Star, but that is an audio codec. Windows media player may have come with some codecs, but I would not know which one or where to find a list. Lucy- This is a different file, but has the same problem. You will notice that, since I have file info open, the video is showing as I indicated in my initial post. (It is real blurry but that is because I recorded this with my digital camera, and was in a unsteady position.) Edit: Tripod won't let me post the image to here but the address for it is: http://lbd9.tripod.com/temp.jpg DUE TO TRIPOD RULE THIS LINK WILL NOT WORK. THE URL IS GOOD THOUGH.
  5. This post refer to AVI files (which most of my video is), and is being used with Windows 7 Starter. MPC Star 5 will not decode the video most of the time, I have tried every size and every aspect ratio,. It shows an off white or biege screen most times. Many of the menus, have arrows (little triangles on the right to open sub-menus) which disappear when I open these. The video DOES play just fine in the background when I have any menu or any option open, so I know MPC star can decode the video but won;t play it as a foreground thing. It is kinda annoying to have to keep some menu open all the time. I have tired to keep another program open in the foreground (like on top of the play list) but that does not restore the video in the background. Only when an MPC star menu is open. Since many of the answers in teh forums refer to looking at the streams: Video: Xvid 640x360 29.97fps 1003Kbps [Video 0] Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz 6ch 160Kbps [Audio 1]
  6. I wish to submit a feature suggestion, and I don't know if this is the correct place. IN CASE IT IS, I suggest I making the keyboard/mouse shortcuts for volume changed; able to be tweaked. Under options the 'jump times' can be set to what you want them to be. Why not volume shotcut instrad of 8% all the time. (I think 4 or 6 might be better, but why not custom.)
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