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  1. Hi! Recently I've changed my AV to AVG 2015. Now the problem I'm facing is that I can't get it to start virus scan after a download finishes. Atleast according to AVG's option > history > scan results it dose'nt. I have learnt from this web page ---http://www.avg.com/w...m-3604#num-3604 that the .exe required for this are either avgscana.exe or avgscanx.exe. For your information I also use Internet download manager, there my selections are For path C:\Program Files (x86)\AVG\AVG2015\avgscanx.exe and for parameter- /scan=[File] /clean And when checked in AVG option > history &
  2. I was having the same problem but it got fixed and everything worked well, only for a while thou. Now it is down again.
  3. Hi! Please forgive me if this falls into the category of duplicate posting, but I had to because of these questions I have regarding lyric display of Cometplayer. 1. As we all know the CP searches the net for lyrics to be displayed. My question is does it search a particular site e.g: vvlyric or all other sites for the lyric? If the answer to this question is only one site then what needs to be done is to upload the lyrics to that site but, what if this is not the case then 2. How can I tag a song to a lyric site where I know for sure of that lyrics existence so that it is diplayed? Somet
  4. Hi! This weird thing happened to me to day, I just started a download of a folder of 2.24 GB, it had three files in it. Awhile later I checked and saw that about 87% of the download was complete. As I had a long day at this point I fell asleep, I slept for two hours and after waking I checked if the download had finished or not I saw that the task had disappeared from the download list. I then searched in my archive as well as torrent history folders, it was not there so I went back to the site and started the re-download from scratch. At this point I did two thing. 1. After starting the dow
  5. Hi! I've started to use Peer Block recently for annonimity but it is not letting BitComet to sign in to comet I.D. I've tried allow http and disable http ...no luck. The only way I can sign back in is after exiting Peerblock, so I guess I need to create an allow list for this. My question to you is how to creat specific allow list and what ip range's are required? It'd be a great help if you guided me on this in detail. I'd like to thank you in advance for your guidance. Take care & Peace
  6. Hi! H33T is rejecting torrents just because they contain padding files. What should one do in such cases. I love BitComet, countless times I was saved from downloading files that are scams. I could not think of using any other clients. But what should I do my torrents are being rejected for these harmless but helpful Padding files.
  7. So what you've said means that, I'd need to up-load the torrent file to some file hosting site first, then add that url to the torrent before I start propagating it in various torrent sites. If this is true then what will happen if I am not a member of the file hosting sites I had initially uploaded the torrent file? Will it work until they've deleted the file or won't work at all? Thanks for talking the time to make this understandable but you've left the part where I needed to know, why were those web seed urls' not connecting while I was trying to download that file. Please kindly explain
  8. Hi! I just started downloading a new video torrent and as I opened its Peers Tab, I saw this for the first time and also, in the properties > Publishers > Web Seeding box there's a list similar to that in Advanced Tabs' Tracker List box. What is it and how can I add this in my future torrents? and Why is it not connecting ( grey unhappy face ) like other Peers? Please help me learn about this feature. Thanks & T.C
  9. Hi! I wanted to browse h33t.com but my browser Firefox 5.0 kept showing an error page. I wanted to know if the site is having any problem or has it gone offline. Or was it shut down. I ask every bodies forgiveness if this was not the right place for the question. Thanks.
  10. Yes I have a 32 bit OS and I think a 32 bit BitComet. Which file should I look for and what should I do to restore everything as it were before the crash. And this is happening quite often after installing 1.27 update. Is this a bug problem? Thanks & T.C.
  11. Forgive me I had read that part but what has happened must have screwed with my head and I forgot to mention those. I'm using Vista Sp2 and BitComet v1.27. Thanks & T.C. Bye
  12. Hi! I woke this morning and strangely found my Computer being turned off it wasn't to be as I had been downloading via bitcomet before I fell asleep. As I turned everything on and started bitComet I found out that it had nothing on it. FYI I had atleast 100 finished and 25 unfinished downloads awating completion all gone. My question is how can I get everything back? I tried to look for a .bak file as told but couldn't find it at the bitComet's installation folder. Please Help me. Thanks & T.C.
  13. Guy's sorry if this is the wrong place for posting this topic but I really need to clone two mobile phones. If there is anyone that can help me I'll be forever grateful. Anyone that knows how to or can help in any way please: I'm desperate. Thanks & T.C.
  14. I'm 100% in agreement with you and I will also take up the issue on that web site's forum too. For that if need maybe, I need your permission in advance so that I could quote from your explanation and also can I mention you there. You're right the deletion was made out of ignorance and just because the moderators there prefer another bit-torrent client doesn't mean that they have the right to force everyone to use it when creating torrent's. P2P is a means for sharing and freedom. And everyone should be free to chose their own preferred clients. Forcing it cannot be justified in any
  15. Further research on this led me to an option in the make torrent dialogue box. The " align file to piece boundary ". I've learned that this option, enabled by default from version .85 creates the padding files and disabling it will stop the creation of the said files in the torrent. But what I've learned about the reason behind it's creation now, my question to you is, will this option if disabled at the time of making the torrent create any kind of problem, such as 1) Downloaded torrent not opening 2) Downloaded torrent not playing 3) Downloaded torrent stuck at 99.99% I've give
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