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  1. thanx for your replies . its the downloading rate that is not accurate , i didnt notice this difference in older versions of bitcomet so i was afraid that some malware in my computer uses bitcomet flow to download some other malwares or files in order to ovoid restrictions from firewall . but the link put by sophia tells that its normal. thanks for you all who work so hard to keep bitcomet the best of torrent clients.
  2. hi, i noticed that the floating windows downlading/uploading real time statistics is most of the time not accurate , for exemple it can show a rate of 45 ko/s will the real rate if i add all downloding tasks is 10 ko/s ( i have a low internet bandwith adsl 512) so i dont know if it is a bug from bitcomet or something else . my configuration : bitcomet 1.18 stable. windows 7. ( i had the same problem with vista ) zonealarm free
  3. hi everyone, i had the same problem , it seems to be resolved when i installed zonealarm free firewall , i noticed immediately a great improvement in downloading rate, and in the internet connection in general , it replace the windows firewall that i guess is the problem . so try this and tell me.
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