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  1. Over the years I have watched the ranking going down. I remember when I started the ranking was in the millions and it has steadily decreased so I think it is held somewhere.
  2. Hi, Hopefully a few questions that some of you with greater tech know-how can answer for me. :) I use a VPN which disconnects sometimes and can give me a different IP when it reconnects. In BitComet Statistics info window, BitComet displays the external IP I had when the client started even if it changes while BitComet is running. Will this change have any effect on existing peers if they try to reconnect? When BitComet set up connections to new peers, will the difference in WAN IP be an issue? Is there any way to configure BitComet to check the ports at regular intervals (same as right-clicking bottom right and choosing 'Check again') or should I try requesting it in the Suggestions forum? Or does BitComet reconfigure everything when it senses a new WAN IP and just not update the Statistics page and I can just pop this to the Bug forum :) Thanks Sharayde
  3. Not being able to login doesn't stop the client working. This stuff is free, it will get fixed when they have time :-)
  4. Hiya, Generalissimo here, hope to be Sovereign by the end of the year but hey, when it comes, it comes :-)
  5. Don't worry, this happens from time to time. It won't affect the bitcomet client functionality much but you won't get any points added to your score until you can login again. Bitcomet is supported by volunteers so there is no 24/7/365 team to sort it out immediately. Just be patient and it will be back soon :-)
  6. Hi, I have the same issue. Just keep using the client, not logging in won't affect the functionality much. You just get limited to the base no. of LT Seeds and you won't get a few points added to your score until the client is able to login again. If they didn't know about this issue then posting here will alert them (or a mod will) Thanks
  7. Thanks for the update TUUS. Best bittorrent client around by a mile. Stuff happens and we just need to be patient :-)
  8. It doesn't continue to increase the preview time. One recent download didn't give me one of the pieces just after the preview part until the download was at 99.5%. Yes, I was thorough (or maybe sad) enough to watch this as it was downloading to check :-)
  9. Hi, When a movie does not have a sample I use this feature to download the start of the movie to see if it is worth getting the whole thing, especially if the movie is several GB. The issue is that using this only downloads a very small part and often it only shows the opening credits and none of the film. Is the amount downloaded a fixed size and now that movies are much bigger maybe the size could be increased. Perhaps set it to 5% of the total file size? Thanks
  10. Apologies for gravedigging but ... You can use Tags for each of the files then filter the task window using them.
  11. I need 90000 more for Sovereign, max of 120 a day means it will take at least 2 years ;) I will update you with an estimate of how many there are when I get there :) S.
  12. Hiya, Just made Generalissimo and as you can see in the pic attached, there are over 9700 there or above :-) Sharayde
  13. When you set the system.show_debug_info setting in the advanced options, you then get the option of including an LT Seeding column in the main display which shows the LTS upload rate for each task. It would be nice to also have columns showing LTS data size as well as cumulative LTS and BT upload size added together for the session, again, only selectable if the advanced option is set. Just a personal preference, I like to see which tasks upload the most and would like to be able to see all the uploaded data on the main screen.
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