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  1. I can confirm that the glitch works both with a standard optical mouse and by using the play button and sliding the volume control manually. Tested with: Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse V2.0 USB/PS2 compatible - USB Plugged in and Windows 7 x64 bit installed the base driver, the mouse does run using a driver package from the windows driver foundation. My main mouse: Razer DeathAdder Ultimate 2013 - Up to date with the latest drivers and Synapse 2.0 - USB My operating system is Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
  2. User info: Bitcomet: V1.35 Stable MPCstar 5.4 Cometplayer 1.1 ADSL 1 on Modem/Router - Forwarding is working - Listen ports operational Windows 7 x64 - Comodo Firewall, Avira Free Anti-virus - All up to date Issue with: The play button, its state and the volume control of Cometplayer i've found a glitch that if you provide the program with focus (clicking anywhere on it) to allow you to use the mouse wheel to adjust the volume. If you pause a playing song, and use the mouse wheel in either direction, it will override the fade-out pause operation and the it will continue to play, however, the play/pause button will change its state. When attempting to repause or continue the song, the button will remain in that icon's state until you press it a 3rd time, in which it should correct itself as long as you don't use the mouse wheel again. Occurs: when using both the mouse wheel and manually adjusting the volume yourself Doesn't Occur: when you start the song This is my first post, I hope I've helped.
  3. First post, so I hope this is worthy! Anyway, you know how there is the option to add a peer to the list, and how when you resume downloading, that the trackers will need to resource all of the peers, how about, in the torrent properties screen, you can go to advanced tab and click "dump to peers to .bcpl (bitcomet peers list) file", which will be automatically reloaded when the torrent resumes. When the download continues, bitcomet will search for these peers as they were last seen providing a seed, if they are not up however, they will be removed, and when this process is completed, the trackers will start doing their thing, updating and searching for newly available peers. Why would this be useful: It will provide a list of peers that some or even most will be up, ready and are reliable sources/seeds/peers. What you may think or say (all of which are possible?): Trackers already do this it may prove to large it invades the privacy of a seeder may cause problems for trackers when it has to compare between the list and online available seeds may cause compatibility issues with peers that are now dead but were alive on the list may interfere with the downloading process may lengthen the times it takes to start the download Those are guess work, but I hope this idea comes to light, and appears in the next update. But either way, you provide the best torrent down-loader I've seen, and you do a bang-smash job and maintaining, upgrading and providing it with features. I love you for it! Keep up the good work!
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