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  1. noted :) very informative, thank you so what you're saying is that the probabilty is high of it beeing a low memory issue caused by the fact "the memory doesn't get re-classified as "unused" just because a process relinquishes it" based on the information i've given, how can i make sure thats the cause? and where do i go from there? @The UnUsual Suspect - It doe's however the physical memory read from task manager remains high @greywizard- I mean it keeps rising as long as bitcomet is on (starting at around 25%), and when i shut it down memory usage seems to hold its last value (say i
  2. my units spec's: intel i7 860 2.8 ghz cpu 8GB of 1333 mhz ram over 1tb of free hd space evga geforce 560 ti gpu proper cooling and ventilation shouldnt the memory beeing used by bitcomet be released after shutting it down? like i said i'm usure about where to go(or think about) from here which is why i turned here for help, the problem appears when bitcomet is on therefore bitcomet is the cause of it
  3. I've noticed my physical memory usage (watched it from task manager) keeps rising as long as my bitcomet is open, i tried leaving my computer on with bitcomet closed and my memory stayed the same (did not rise abnormally) i've read somewhere in this forum that this is normal (for some reason i can't recall), the problem is it wont go back to regular levels (around 25%) after completely closing/restarting bitcomet, it will only do so after a fresh reboot of my computer its bothering me because im seeding 24/7 (= memory always rising) and i hate to have to reboot every other day every time it
  4. Are you sure there's nothing wrong? tryed restarting router, than bitcomet, green light is on and everything but can not login for over 12 hours now
  5. sorry it took so long, been very busy thanks for your answer, im pretty certain now that my ports are open as for this bug to make it simpler ive made it in 3 steps 1. chose a random listening port, checked to see whether its conducting any transfers (=port checked pre-error, call it port A) 2. changed the listening port while bitcomet was running which indicated the error, then checked to see whether the new port is conducting any transfers (=port checked post-error, call it port B) 3. changed the listening port again (for the second time), closed and reopened bitcomet to check whether
  6. greywizard- just changing the port number and hitting ok results with this error, this usually showed yellow light, (now it shows a green light and while hovering my mouse over it, it indicates a yellow/grey light, is this due to upgrading my version from 1.25 to 1.26?) --pre-error: transfers are conducting through this port --post-error: no transfers are conducting through this port closing and reopening bitcomet (post-error) shows a green light (checked with the command you gave me, transfers are done through this port) --post-error+restarting bitcomet: transfers are conducting through
  7. greywizard- there, please let me know if you need anything else about your question, im changing ports for no particular reason, in the past i used to change them to make sure the cause for a slow download speed is because it lacks peers and not because the port was somehow blocked its a habit, and i wanted verify this error will not make my downloads slower. both issues that you mentioned are linked, while changing to another listening port i get the "cant listen to port" error, than after a while im getting the yellow light saying the port is blocked 1) What version of BitComet are you
  8. so i talked to my ISP regarding the modem and they said all its ports are open, they also said they do not block ports for excessive use of bandwidth, dont know if i mentioned this earlier but i also tried connecting directly through my modem and i am still getting the "cant listen to port" error every time i switch between my listening ports while bitcomet is open i hate to keep bugging you but i realy want to solve it. can you think of anything else that would cause this problem?
  9. here's a screen shot for the "Port Mapping" tab: http://img828.imageshack.us/i/portmapping.jpg/ here's the window the comes up after pressing "Add": http://img715.imageshack.us/i/portmappingadd.jpg/ (for some reason it wont let me post it as a viewable image, im getting this message saying i am not allowed to use that image extension on this board) i dont think theres anything related to port forwarding/virtual servers there
  10. there: Direct link pressing "Change Policy" brings me here: Direct link and "Add" a MAC filtering rule brings me here: Direct link
  11. hi sorry for taking so long as it turns out there are 2 firmware versions for it first is the one shown here which i am guessing you checked how to forward the ports on: My link here is the second which is the one i have : My link guide does show how to forward ports however the strange part is that my modem's front page is missing the "NAT" tab under "Advanced Setup" which i am unable to forward ports without heres a screeny: can you think of anything that would cause this?
  12. mm this address wont load do i need to be connected to my modem without the router?
  13. cant edit sorry for the double post as it turns out this is the remote download listening port disabled it just in case now it shows only 1 listening port for bitcomet's PID (the one i have chosen) still getting yellow light though
  14. sorry was too lazy to go downstairs and check =] anyways its D-Link DSL-2500U NIC is what? =x edit: changed bitcomet's listening port to 50033, restarted my pc/router and it is still listening to 23166 tcp port along with 50033
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