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  1. My problem has been solved! I was lucky enough to have someone view this post and this person mentioned to the developement team that has control over the "blog" stuff about my troubles. And they fixed it for me. Note: to anyone who has this same problem, almost every time if you get the same "error, please try again in 30 seconds" message it is probably because there are "keywords" in your Bitcomet blog post that are flagged to deny posting. Or, another reason could be you have tried making a post to many times in a short time-spand. In these cases the problem can be remedied by changing part
  2. I was going to suggest trying different versions of Bitcomet, but you said you tried that already. Anyway, one time I had a similar problem, and I traced it back to my "windows update" program. I think it was one of those "security updates". If you can remember what day this problem started then go into your windows update and look at your "view update history". Your computer should create restore points at certain intervals automatically depending on OS your using. Start a system restore to the day before you started experiencing problems and see if you still have the same problem. If you don
  3. Ok, thanks for replying anyway Kluelos. If you know a more appropriate place for me to voice this problem could you let me know? Thanks again, Hitomi
  4. Every time I try to make a new post in my blog I get the error message "error please try again in 30 seconds". I did everything correctly, inserting title, tags, etc. I have made posts before so I know I'm doing it right. Waiting 30 seconds or an hour doesn't make a difference. It's been several days with same message appearing each time. Don't know if this makes a difference, but my location is in USA, and I've notcied people from other countries are able to make new posts, could that be it? The usa server is just malfuncting or something? Any help would be greatly appreciated! NOTE: I appol
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