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  1. I think the topic title says it all. Turn 180 and Flip Vertical does not work. (playing H.264 | 1280x720 MP4) I'm sorry but you can't be serious with this program. Within 2 minutes I keep finding crashes and items that do not work. Please only release a program when it is tested and as far as beta testing goes, please consider people who actually KNOW how to test a program. With this said, I am uninstalling the program because I just don't want to bother with it any more. Thanks for trying, though. WinXP Pro SP3 32bit Intel Q9550 x4 | 4G GeForce GTX 275
  2. I'm not sure how beta testers are testing the program, but make sure they are testing the obvious. I've just installed the program and regardless whether I actually have a movie playing, or I just starting up the program without any movie loaded, selecting "Compact Mode" from the video menu crashes the program every single time.
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