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  1. Sorry about annoying... Before that I'm using old version Mpc Star to play RMVB movie. One day when I on my pc and watching movie suddenly the Mpc Star didn't have sound while I playing movie. I had try using RealOne Player to play other format and it works fine with sound. So I uninstall the old version and try install the lastest version and then restart pc but the problem still persist.
  2. How come mine one still didn't have sound? Please advise... Thanks :) Below is my ffdshow audio decoder configuration: MP1,MP2 - libmad AC3 - liba52 E-AC3 - disabled MLP - disabled DTS - libdts AAC - libfaad2 Vorbis - Termor AMR - libavcodec LPCM - enabled WMA 7 - disabled WMA 8/9 - disabled MS ADPCM - libavcodec IMA ADPCM - libavcodec Other ADPCM - libavcodec Mulaw/Alaw - disabled MS GSM - disabled FLAC - disabled True Audio - libavcodec TrueSpeech - disabled QDM2 - disabled MACE3,MACE6 - disabled Real Audio - disabled IMC - disabled ATRAC3 - disabled Nellymoser - disabled AVIS - disabled Uncompressed - disabled
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