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  1. Hi I have version 1.20 of BitComet and a Lan connection. Working on Internet Explorer. My problem is that I have a portable drive where I was downloading a big file (23.91 gig). I had finished almost 80% of the file. Yesterday when I started BitComet I hadn't turned on the portable drive, so BitComet didn't find the file. When I turned on the portable drive, BitComet started to download the file from 0%. I have tried importing the unfinished download, but the "corresponding torrent" seems to be lost. Some of the files are marked bc! - other seem to be fully downloaded. I searched for the torrent and found it on my C-drive. But when I chose it, there was an error, that the task was already there. When I deleted the task from BitComet (with only 1,3%), then the torrent had disappeared from my hard drive and is not visible in my recycle bin. Any ideas?
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    Just a greeting from a novice in Iceland. Hope that you are OK.
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