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  1. I read your extremely cruel and unkind letter, and perhaps you are right, I am stupid, I am computer illiterate, I am navel-lint, and as such, should be locked away from decent people, kept in a bricked-in room for the rest of my life or chucked into a concentration camp where I can die a miserable death with the rest of the non-computerized flotsam of society... BUT I solved my download-sticking problem by myself without your gracious master's help -- I simply unchecked the excess junk files in the torrents, like pictures, posters, and unnecessary crap like samples & those stupid little
  2. I have had great luck recording from you...have some wonderful movies and even the Beatles cartoons!!! So thank you... BUT!!!! I am trying to get the full TV series "Big Shots"; I have 9 of 11 episodes. However episodes 5 & 6 will not completely record; I have deleted and restarted them THREE times each!!! #5 stops dead at 77.8% and WILL NOT MOVE...#6 craps out at 67.6% and goes no farther...THREE TIMES!!! This is becoming really painful to me... I've had other movies record completely even though they were seeded with a low number; at one point episode #5 had a 259% speed and higher...
  3. Thank you for your reply!! I will move my files to free up space on my C Disk... I agree with you about iTunes being a pain in the a**!! If you download a movie there, the sound is nice but the video is full of herkies & jerkies, an it stops or skips and dialogue gets chopped out...That's why I'm getting all my "HawthoRNe" episodes again here...even though I originally paid for them on WhyTunes... I only use iTunes to store my CDs and as a jukebox...I used to play records all day long, now I still do it, without a changer or CD player, it just plays continuously and it's cool for that al
  4. I know you've probably been asked this a hundred times at least, but like the guy said in one of the "Star Trek" movies, I here am new!! How do I get a torrent going again -- one stopped at 93% and another at 77% -- I've clicked stop and start several times, to no avail...Last night I had 10 going at once: some finished and others stalled... Secondly,is there a way to make some downloads go faster?? I've been on here for TWO DAYS!!! (I just put my screen-saver on if it's late, & take a nap and come back)... And thirdly, I am nearly out of space on my C Disc...Can I move BitComet &
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