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  1. I read your extremely cruel and unkind letter, and perhaps you are right, I am stupid, I am computer illiterate, I am navel-lint, and as such, should be locked away from decent people, kept in a bricked-in room for the rest of my life or chucked into a concentration camp where I can die a miserable death with the rest of the non-computerized flotsam of society... BUT I solved my download-sticking problem by myself without your gracious master's help -- I simply unchecked the excess junk files in the torrents, like pictures, posters, and unnecessary crap like samples & those stupid little files where the seeder tells you where he's from and how his parents were granted permission to reproduce and thus blessed the world with him and his torrent-creating genius. I throw away junk mail; this is the same thing... Now I an always put it all back after I'm done & let the next goober down the line have it... Thank you for your nastiness and your lack of assistance to a poor dumb old lady who never used a computer until a year ago and is thoroughly sorry for daring to approach the throne of the Great And Powerful Wizard Of a**(hole)... May you receive back what you give 10-fold... I speak fluent Sarcasm...
  2. I have had great luck recording from you...have some wonderful movies and even the Beatles cartoons!!! So thank you... BUT!!!! I am trying to get the full TV series "Big Shots"; I have 9 of 11 episodes. However episodes 5 & 6 will not completely record; I have deleted and restarted them THREE times each!!! #5 stops dead at 77.8% and WILL NOT MOVE...#6 craps out at 67.6% and goes no farther...THREE TIMES!!! This is becoming really painful to me... I've had other movies record completely even though they were seeded with a low number; at one point episode #5 had a 259% speed and higher... but it's gone dead-stick on me again... I do not understand what the numbers mean and I can't figure out the language (geek-speak, computer-ese, whatever you guys call it)!! I just want to get my downloads and go home... Please help fix this... Thank you...JanetCoop (JANET COOPER)
  3. Thank you for your reply!! I will move my files to free up space on my C Disk... I agree with you about iTunes being a pain in the a**!! If you download a movie there, the sound is nice but the video is full of herkies & jerkies, an it stops or skips and dialogue gets chopped out...That's why I'm getting all my "HawthoRNe" episodes again here...even though I originally paid for them on WhyTunes... I only use iTunes to store my CDs and as a jukebox...I used to play records all day long, now I still do it, without a changer or CD player, it just plays continuously and it's cool for that alone...I do get fed up with them and their quirks...but I now have all my (imported) Beatles in one place... Again, thank you for your help...I'm pretty new on computer and don't get all the words & stuff...but I'm learning... Sincerely, JanetCoop a/k/a Janet Cooper
  4. I know you've probably been asked this a hundred times at least, but like the guy said in one of the "Star Trek" movies, I here am new!! How do I get a torrent going again -- one stopped at 93% and another at 77% -- I've clicked stop and start several times, to no avail...Last night I had 10 going at once: some finished and others stalled... Secondly,is there a way to make some downloads go faster?? I've been on here for TWO DAYS!!! (I just put my screen-saver on if it's late, & take a nap and come back)... And thirdly, I am nearly out of space on my C Disc...Can I move BitComet & my movies over to my E Disc, where except for my iTunes, I've got a lot of space??? Can my movies be imported into iTunes??? Just let me know what your answers aare, ither here or at my e-mail... Thank you, JanetCoop a/k/a Janet Cooper
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