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  1. Is there any update to play video coded as "BrRip x265 HEVC"? Is there any option to play video containing x265 HEVC codec?
  2. I am using MpcStar from several years and MpcStar 5.4 from 2012..... In past had few problems with the player like audio or subtitle issues but these problems get easily resolved.......!!! Now, I am facing problem that MpcStar don't have sound output, I tried with all types of video files such as mp4, mkv, asf, xvid, mpeg, avi, flv... but there is no sound with video playing... I already have vlc player and nero media hub with proper audio output with video playback....!!! I installed MpcStar 5.4 and re-installed it but didn't get any solution, even i uninstalled realplayer from my system bu
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