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  1. Good day comrades. I've enjoyed your software immensely. It's ease of usage is fantastic, its reliability unsurpassed, and its flexibility par none. I am by common definement a "fan." I come here to make a simple suggestion as to what should be integrated into the next release, or maybe as a separate application. Vista and Windows 7 users have experienced the simple convenience of using desktop gadgets to get their work done. Daemon tools' last release had desktop gadget abilities, and I've found it to be incredibly simple to use. I figured, "Well, since one great thing just got greater, why not have something like this for my favorite torrent application?" BitComet would become even easier to use if it had a desktop gadget to work as an addon WITH the normal application, or work as a standalone gadget. Thank you for the great software, and thanks for hearing my request. - Steve
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