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  1. I think CometBird should be updated when Firefox is updated. Improvements in security and stability are very important, so CometBird should always be updated with the latest version of Firefox.
  2. Hi. I wonder if Cometbird 3.6.8 has the same speed of Firefox 3.6.8 or Firefox is always faster.
  3. Ok, I´ll prove it . But I would like BitComet Development Team optimize the speed of Firefox.
  4. Thanks Lucy26. CometBird is a very interesting browser. But I insist on knowing if CB is faster than FF or they have the same speed (I would like CB improve the speed of Firefox).
  5. Hello. I have many years looking for a stable and fast browser, however it´s difficult. I ask you, if these browsers are very similar, What is the difference between Firefox 3.6.3 and Cometbird 3.6.3. Which of these browsers are faster?. Thanks for your responses.
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