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  1. I just installed Bit Comet 1.36 I have Fios with a Router. How do i see the list of Seeder's at the bottom of my screen ?
  2. Here is my Info. I have a Cable Router with Vefizon. Port 65535 Windows Vista 32 Bit. Avast antivirus.
  3. This only happened when i upgraded from .70 How do i configure my port ?
  4. I am using Version 1.34 Why am i only getting Local connection's ???????????????????????????? Is there a setting i need to change ?????????????????????????
  5. Everytime i use Bit Comet Version .70 i keep getting NOT RESPONDING with an hour glass & eventually it goes away & comes back again. Anyone else have this problem & is there a fix or another Version that is better ?
  6. I have version 0.70 It works great for me. Is there any reason to upgrade ? Everytime i start Bit Comet it asks me to upgrade.
  7. This is all it says,i dont see an extension. PUKKA Pirates Of The Carribean Dead Man's Chest..NEWDivX+SAMPLE
  8. I have a DIVX file from PUKKA & i can't open it. It says New DIVX There is no logo for a program to open it. What program will open it. I never had this problem before. I want to convert it in Convert X to DVD
  9. When downloading a movie it stopped at 95.8% Can anyone tell me what to do ?
  10. I have a torrent downloading now & the speed is 34 kb/s which isnt bad. My question is why is the Health only 85% Does this effect the movie ?
  11. I downloaded the movie Casino Royale. It was a video file that came on 2 cd's I want to use Convert X to DVD to convert the files. My question is how do i put the 2 converted dvd's on 1 DVD ?
  12. desgnr

    New movie

    How can a new movie like Casino Royale be available when it is still playing in theaters & not available for sale yet ?
  13. Will this hurt the movie ? Will some be missing ?
  14. Why would someone want to make a XVID or DVD rip movie . Because then you have to convert it to DVD which takes forever. How do you make these type files ? What Torrents do most people look for. DVDrip ( 700 meg. ) or DVDr ( 4 gig.)
  15. Rubbish data dropped Should i be concerned ?
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