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  1. thanks Lucy. I ll be patiently waiting for the fixes
  2. hi guys, Got a problem to login to my cometmarks.com account from my computers or any computers. I am automatically redirected to cometID on which i registered with the same username, password than my cometmarks account Though i can still replace local or server bookmarks and update my 5 computers with a new list of bookmarks Can delete this account or change the username/password of my cometmarks account. thanks for any help or suggestions
  3. thanks very much for the concern I am running a windows xp sp3 I first installed Cometbird 3.4.4 and only did the 3.6.6 update Still cant login my cometmarks online bookmarking? Any suggestions
  4. Please understand that I am not complaining but more wondering My version of Mozilla is 3.0.15 so I don't have the plugin process running. Please, see attached file. Still have an issue with login in cometmarks. I am redirected to CometID. Can someone help me login again? The online bookmarking is really great but cant use it for about 2 weeks now Thanks
  5. thanks for the reply firefox does not have this sub process called plugin-container.exe which takes another 20 to 25 mb of RAM On top of that I think this process boost my cpu at 100% when streaming or playing flash videos so I cant really do anything on the side. And the flash plugin crashes everyday
  6. Hi first post here. I browse the net with cometbird for few month now. Just great from speed, loading, graphic and video quality to the RAM use and the security. Nothing better than cometbird for me I still use firefox and IE to test my sites. Though with the latest update it is a bit slower, Cometbird runs now and sub process called plugin-container.exe and the flash plugin crashes!!! Firefox does not. Can someone tell me more about it? Also, I can not login to cometmarks anymore. It simply asks for my Cometid username and password. Need help to login and recover my online bookmarking. Any help or lead would be appreciated
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