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  1. Thanks for your help. I did a manual rehash and after checking it reported that I only had 4.5% of the torrent downloaded which is odd because I watched it for about an hour and half as it went from 1% to 99% complete during download. But manual rehash said it was only at 4.5% actually. It did register large enough to preview and in that tiny preview I could see the torrent was a fake torrent or at least not what the title said. I'm still not sure what would cause the torrent to act like it downloaded, then reset and re download at completion but in any event the troubled torrent was no good.
  2. I just ran into a problem downloading a torrent. I was downloading it no problem but when it got th the very end of the file, it went from 99% complete to 0% complete and started to download it all again. I went and checked the download location and found that the whole file had indeed been downloaded (according to the file size) however it still had a .bc file extension. Also there was another file in the download location as if it was trying to download it all again. I deleted the second partial download, left the original supposedly complete .bc file and went back and tried to download the
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