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  1. helo i left a reply for you in the forum about port forwarding .

  2. FIRSTIES!!!

    WOO! Saw that you signed up yesterday. Nice. Forums can be fun and incredibly helpful. See ya 'round!

  3. Hi all,I'm new,Happy to be acquainted with peopla.Thanks
  4. Can anyone know about why after I install bitcomet 0.86. I try to right click download video (download with bitcomet) from the web page, the pop up shows only watch.html or watch file. File sizes is less than 20kb. It is not a video but nothing. Why is this so? The download is I follow the steps mention in this forum. But why am I not able to download?
  5. Hi there!! HELP!!! I've followed all the steps on how to set up port forwarding and static IP but it still isn't working. Please help. I'm using windows vista. I tried it in XP, won't work either. It must be really my router. It's Linksys wrt54G. Please help! Thanks!!! :D
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