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  1. I am so sorry but this is my first time to write here, also English is not my native language, anyway 1)I'm using Bitcomet version 1.22(the last version) 2)My internet connection is DSL 4MB 3)I'm using speedtouch router and DLink access point and my laptop wireless connection (but the problem happend with any other method of internet connection) 4)I'm using a LAN with several computers 5) I use windows 7 professional and Kaspersky 2010 internet secuity firewall enabled The problem appear from about two weeks with no change in the above configarations. When bitcomet start it last for few minutes and then close without any crash or error massages it just close thats all.
  2. I am running windows 7 86x professional and kaspersky firewall I had bitcomet 1.21 working good for along time but in the last few weeks it starts to close on a different intervals not more than 10 minutes so I uninstall it completly and install the new version 1.22 it work for few days but it start to has the same problem it close every about 1 or 2 minutes without any sign can anyone help me please ?
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