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  1. i spent time to find a tool that let me design colored ascii art ... but i only find these two noticeable softwares : http://www.softpedia.com/get/Multimedia/Graphic/Graphic-Others/ASCII-Paint.shtml http://www.ultsoftware.com/ulted.htm but unfortunately they don't includes export-to-HTML feature ! i want to make some simple colored ascii flowcharts in html code ? do you know a solution for my request ? this is nice but ... http://www.makeuseof.com/dir/asciiflow-ascii-art-drawing-tool/
  2. currently i have a nokia 6700 mobile and "pc suite" installed ... and i am going to use the camera of my cell phone as a webcam recorder ... ( but i can't find such function in "pc suite" ) can you guide me how i can do it ?
  3. thanks too :rolleyes: greywizard
  4. thanks The UnUsual Suspect and kluelos can i do common web exploring tasks (like email management and forum loging , posting in blogs ... ) ?
  5. i am going to buy a sim card reader for my laptop , so that every where i can connect to the internet ... and my knowledge on this subject is very low ! since my laptop support both "pc card" and "express card" i prefer that i can use them rather than an "usb sim card reader" ? i hope there be someone that has experience or good knowledge on this subject ? can you tell me which of { "pc card" , "express card" , "usb sim card reader" } is better and has some advantage ? thanks
  6. thanks a lot dear cansogain for your comprehensive guide
  7. http://www.erightsoft.com/SUPER.html i found it is a very attractive tool with a lots of functions and i decided to share it with you for some help on it ... first of all i can't install it on windows seven but i can do that in xp ... after installation i noticed it works very slow and in the end terminates with error ! in other word none of its function don't work for me ! now i am confused whether i made a mistake or the software has problem ? please if you tried it guide me on this ?
  8. i am sincerely , mr cansogain for you guide just i must mention the vram of my laptop is 256 mb (gforce go 7400) but i don't know why it showed it 64 mb ! for example i played "devil may cry 4" in the minimum configuration on my laptop as test and it worked fine but a little slow ! also if you find some useful tips or admonishment on the hardwares of my pc , appreciated ? (may be helpful in future as a knowledge)
  9. unfortunately a lots of international proxies are blocked themselves too ! unless those are omission ... anyway if you know some good proxies let me try ? (or pm them to me)
  10. honestly i am going to bypass some of youtube videos that blocked for me , by this technique ... if i can upload those videos to another server !
  11. in some of image hosting sites there is a "upload from url" function that give the permission to users transfer an image from another online service : http://www.imagelinkers.com/ http://www.pix-share.com/ now i am looking for a hosting service that enable me to do the same work with videos ... for example transfer an video from youtube to it ? can you guide me on it or suggest such online services ?
  12. welcome cansogain i hope these image be helpful :
  13. thank you sir Vasy and kluelos very helpful guide for me ? also can you briefly describe what is the main advantage of DDR3 over DDR2 ?
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