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  1. Will BitComet be more extensible in future? I have too many torrents to seed. I like settings/configurations so that it automatically stop seeding if total number of known seeders is more than a threshold. For stopped torrents, it would maybe poll once a day to tally up total seeders to refresh the seeder count. If seeders drop below a threshold, then it would start seeding again, etc.
  2. I've got like thousand of torrents. But am on a crappy non-fibre broadband line. I like to seed to contribute to community. However, the default/recommended settings is like "Number of active torrents (upload or download) = 8". Yes I could set this higher, but that would kill my router & BB line. I understand there's a setting for automatically switching off a torrent when the seeders ratio gets past a threshold. but am wondering if anyone know if it's possible to automatically time-slice, round-robin, time-share the seeding amount the thousand of torrents? Such as seed these 10 for 1 hour, then switch to the next 10 in the queue, etc. and so forth.
  3. It's shameful for BitComet to do this. I really liked BitComet and when I found AppHit.com (via BitComet.com website) I really liked that too. Then I found FileHippo.com and realised both looked and operated practically identical. Internet Archives proof that FileHippo.com was first... with history going back to 2005. AppHit.com only started appearing in 2008. http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.filehippo.com/ http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.apphit.com/ I used a whois and you can clearly see that both apphit.com and bitcomet.com are affiliated with each other, same registar and everything.
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