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  1. mpc player works flawlessly on my laptop, but when i use a VGA cable to my LCD TV i get only sound, no image. if i use VUZE player i get it all. but i dont want to have to open vuze to see movies on my HD. what could be wrong? using windows vista
  2. i have an acer aspire 3690 computer that is running windows vista home premium, T2080 @ 1.73 GHz and 2.00 GB ram, 32 bit. my tv is a apex 42 1080p LCD and is connected via a VGA cable. this "not showing up on my tv" seems to happen with any file i click, but i think i have all AVI files... i checked display drivers and all are working as supposed too and up to date. im not sure how to find the answers to the questions not answered.
  3. thank you all for your time. the only thing i have done in the past week was run the uniblue suite to free up memory. i thought maybe it removed something it shouldnt have but the fact that mpcstar is doing what it should do on my laptop monitor is what has got me thinking it didnt. i tried to update and it wouldnt connect, so i removed it and redownloaded 4.5 i believe. but same issue. something was changed but ive looked through all the tabs in mpcstar and cant seem to find somehting thatwill help. so strange and again i very much appreciate anyones time donated or paid. there are alot of us outhere who just get baffled by this stuff.
  4. no need to get mad at me... geeze. i wrote that early in the morning after a frustrating night of trying to figure it out on my own and as a last resort turned here for help. but it seems that all other players, windows media player, nero and quicktime all play as they should on my monitor and tv via VGA cable. only mpcstar is having this issue and i dont see anyway to adjust the quality of the image in mpcstar. same thing in full screen or not. sorry i didnt convey all info from the get go but im new to all this
  5. also to be clear, my desktop and the mpc star box are all being transferred to my tv via the vga cable, but when i hit play on any movie the inside of the box is black and the rest of the info on my computer monitor is still being transferred to the tv, just not the movie im trying to play(but it does play in the box on my computer monitor
  6. i kno the firewall is important and only turned it off for about 10 seconds to see if it would update without it ans it still wouldnt. so i immediately turned it back on. this has been working for me for months and now all of a sudden its not working. i guess i will see if there is something with the resolution i can change but i do have a 1080p tv.
  7. mpcstar is working fine on my laptop and all other info on my desktop is being transferred to my tv via a VGA cable but when i click on a movie to play with mpcstar it plays on my laptop but has just a black box on my tv through the vga... what is up? i dont know what i did but im assuming i did something. it wont let me update either, says cant connect to network even if i turn off my firewall
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