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  1. That's what I was looking for, Thanks Lucy. Any chance we could get that list incorporated into the next version? Regards, Bruce.
  2. Sorry for not supplying the basic info I'm using 1.22 and as you say, the basic score info is in the bottom left hand corner but, before when you signed into Cometid you were able to see what all the different ranks were and what points were required to obtain the listed ranks. Now when you sign in to Cometid, all you get is your daily points score with the ability to check on how you've accumulated the points over the past days/months etc but I can't see where the rank list has been moved to. Regards, Bruce. PS At present I'm a Lieutenant Colonel with 13949 points. What I'd like
  3. Hi Lucy, When logging in previously to my Cometid account, it was possible to see the ranking lists and how far i was progressing up the list. Where has the ranking list gone? Regards, Bruce.
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