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  1. i'm not very computer literate but what other sites are there that are as good as bitcomet for downloading movies and music-is there any going?
  2. thanks u. s. for the info- my seeds are at 0 and my peers are 1 of 118 connected. I take it that its because I've no seeds causing my problem, thanks again.
  3. 1 more post, i may add that it is mainly a music 2005 DVDrip i'm downloading and it stopped at 82.2%, thats why i tried VIP-cheers anyway.
  4. i have right clicked on the task and selected "properties" then selected "enable VIP acceleration"about 15 mins ago but nothing happening. thanks for the guidance anyway...
  5. I bought 10gb on VIP and cannot get it to work-is there any way you can explain the procedure step by step how to get it to work-would be very much obliged as I think many people would be happy if it was explained to them as well...
  6. my username is danielter-cannot seem to get VIP to work-tried different ways but no luck...
  7. i paid for 10gb vip accelleration but it is not going any faster

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