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  1. Thanks for the work-around, and yes, this does seem to be solved in 4.9. Thanks.
  2. Hi, Ive been running into some problems where MpcStar 4.8 crashes on every file that is opened, no matter what the file type or file size is. Downgrading to MpcStar 4.4 solves the issue. I havent tried all releases in between 4.4 and 4.8, but the issue seems to be introduced somewhere between 4.4 and 4.8. Running Windows Vista SP2. Thanks.
  3. Oh, well, by the lack of responses, Im guessing that that the 'required' system information that was absolutely needed in order to troubleshoot the issue, was not so helpful after all...
  4. ... but let me start by posting the results of 'msinfo32.exe' (part of Microsoft Office) ... Surely - since you know what my configuration looks like now - will you be able to resolve the problem swiftly. :P msinfo32.txt
  5. Disabled DHT with 1.22: Same result. BitComet hangs/freezes when downloading the torrent. Kindly point me to a freeware program that can cough up all the relevant information automatically so I can easily post it here.
  6. - Tried 0.70 with XP Compatibility mode: same results. BitComet uses up 100% CPU seconds after startup. - Tried 1.22 with XP Compatibility mode: same results. BitComet 'hangs/freezes' when trying to download the specified torrent.
  7. Try fixing the bug, ... Oh, well, nevermind ... I think im just gonna stick with 1.17, which works for me, or install another client. Thanks for all the help, bye for now.
  8. rofl. Tell me what corner, and Ill go and sulk with you. :P
  9. Forgive me my ignorance, but I seriously doubt that the enormous task of specifying every hardware component and piece of installed software, drivers, and respective versions, is going to do any good at all. :( Perhaps the devs could look into the changelog from 1.17 to 1.18, and see if anything sticks out ?
  10. I cannot seem to find the right menu option where I can disable 'DHT'. Could you point me in the right direction ? Also, I tried setting bittorrent.connection.ltseed_protocol_selection to 0 in version 1.22, but that did not solve the issue.
  11. Hrm. I tried to test 0.70, but failed. Seconds after I start up BitComet 0.70 (but not immediately on startup), it makes my CPU jump all the way up to 100%, making my system extremely sluggish and unresponsive. The second I kill BitComet, the CPU drops down again to expected values. I was unable to try out the scenario with this version. :(
  12. Hrm. Got curious anyway... 1.17 = Works. Same behaviour as 1.16 1.18 = Doesnt Work. Same behavior as 1.22 1.19 = Doesnt Work. Same behavior as 1.22 1.20 = Doesnt Work. Same behavior as 1.22 So im guessing that the behavior got introduced somewhere between 1.17 and 1.18 ?
  13. Hrm. Version 1.20 shows identical behavior, so I decided to go down a few versions. In version 1.16, it appears to be solved. In that version, BitComet 'appears' to hang and becomes unresponsive during, what Im guessing is the initial creation of the torrent, and also when you start the torrent if it's not started yet (and also if you stop the running torrent). However, that only takes a few seconds, and after that BitComet behaves exactly as expected again. Im not sure if 1.16 is the last version in which things still work (as I really dont wanna try 1.17,1.18,1.19 unless I have to), so Im ho
  14. Man, I *totally* overlooked the section stating 'ZIP/Old Versions'... Thanks for the screenshots. Boy, do I feel silly now ... :(
  15. Well, f**k me ... when I go the main website, and click on the downloads link, I get directed to 'http://www.bitcomet.com/doc/download.htm', which *still* only allows me to download BitComet 1.22... Oh, well, forget it... It's not *that* important anyway... Thanks for the effort though...
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