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  1. 1)Bc Version 1.22 2)Dsl 3)Modem 2wire model& At&t Nope havent forwarded a port 4)Im currently using Windows Vista Avg anti virus and Windows firewall Well theres this yellow circle by the DTH bar and It says blocked then these numbers i dont wanna say cause i think it might be my ip adress :mellow: Anyways whenever i hover over the yellow circle it says Your listed port is blocked this may cause your downloading speed to slow and i wanted to know how to fix this so i can download faster Thankz
  2. Yea game isnt working having some technical difficulties :(
  3. Version-1.22 Internet connection is-at&t I use a modem its called 2Wire and i dont have any forwarded ports i have Windows vista Avg anti virus and Windows firewall Its a game torrent its called Dragon age origins i have a link right here--------> {elided - mod}_ Well i downloaded the torrent setup everything it was missing a .dll so i downloaded the dll that problem went away but now it says Error initializing physX Please visit http://www.nvidia.com/physx so i download the Software but when i try to it install it...It gets this error message 1606 Could not access Network location %APPDATA%\. So i have alot of problems here -_- :( Id appreciate the fourms help thankz Your topic has been closed as it is in violation of the Forum Rules, which you chose to abide when joining this forum.
  4. aha will do but i'm busy just finished downloading this game called XXXXX XXX XXXXXXX 7.74gigs that took along time lol but i'll look right now Thank you for the welcoming ;)
  5. Hiya im Jacob im new to the Forum im young lol im 14 but im a big computer person i just started downloading torrents and bitcomet is the best torrent program ive ever used its really organized and easy to use so ya i cant wait to get to know the community Cya B) :lol: B) :D
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