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  1. Hey I'm new to this program and I must say, I love it! I used to use uTorrent or BitTorrent but they just don't compare at all to BitComet! So many more features and everything just makes it so much better. Some things about me: I played guitar since August 2008 (2 years) I do some neat graphic design with Paint.NET, you can see my gallery here (warning: very image heavy, make sure you have enough internet connection :D). I also make beats with FL Studio 9 and am starting to get decent at it. see my stuff here. I like getting to know communities and I read rules and guidelines when ever possible. :) Edit: Would it be possible for an admin to change my display name to "Weylin"?
  2. is very busy at the moment.

  3. is very busy at the moment.

  4. is very busy at the moment.

  5. Well, I read the "READ THIS" post, but my problem doesn't really warrant the need to post such required information. My question is simple. Probably too simple. I may have even overlooked this problem. It may not even be that big of a deal. But my OCD has overcome me. When it asked me to choose a program to 'run' video files, I chose the wrong exe file. Is there any way I can change this? I checked in Options already.
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