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  1. I installed mozilla firefox 5.0 today and it shows " bicomet video downloader 1.27.2 is incompatible with Firefox 5.0". Please fix this problem.
  2. As you know that my upload speed was limited before ......it was only before the last post i tested by setting unlimited.
  3. ya, i agree....if you see the floating window carefully the upload has been taking place in small patches and also amount of upload is very less. I have set the upload speed to unlimited and downloaded the similar(not same though) content from another website still the same thing happens.
  4. ya, sorry in one of my previous post i had uploaded same screen shot many times one after the other....my mistake but that was not on purpose. After i posted that reply i tried to delete the unwanted repeated screen shot but i couldn't...thanks for deleting. Anyway coming to the problem: the connection is there & i have net access ....the DHT is connected,listen port open. May be as you said upload speed could be the problem as it was only 2KBps,but still if most of the peers connected are seed and also there lots of LT seeds then this is bound to happen. i added 2 screen shots. You can see clearly in the screen shot The floating window how the download increases and drops continuously also in one shot there just 8 peers and the other has 40 peers.
  5. the connection is there & i have net access ....the DHT is connected,listen port open. i am trying to add screen shot but it is not accepting it. It shows below{near the attach this file button "Used 9.48MB of your 10MB global upload quota (Max. single file size: 535.39K)"}.There are only 3 posts here..... how can i add the screen shot of the problem?
  6. no, i have set upload limit as 30KBps....(and max upload bandwidth is 55-60 KBps ). It is true that when the task was running the upload rate was something around 2KBps though the limit i set was 30KBps,it is not my fault...nobody is taking it from me. As i said before no. of seeders are very large(58 out of 60 are seed). Also this was the only task running. after this task the same problem was there in another task,which i started after the completion of the first task. could that be the problem with my router or modem or pc that the connection is not maintained.
  7. i use: BC 1.26, win XP SP3. i have a router, ADSL. i am downloading a torrent and it is very active torrent too, there are 3000+ peers. when the download starts it is fine and it reaches max download speed(my connection max download speed is ~230-250KBps, i.e, bandwidth ~2 Mbitps), then after some time it drops to 0KBps,stays 0 for some time then again goes to max speed. Also the no. of peers connected(i.e last coloum in BC seed/peer[all] ) varies from 58/60 - 20/32 when the speed falls to 0 and goes back to 58/60 when it again reaches max speed. So, i think there is a problem with me establishing connection with peers.....also it happens to some of the torrents, not all torrents that i download.
  8. I installed peer Guardian 2 and kept for downloading for 6hrs, the no. of such dropped pieces("rubbish data") has reduced(not completely stopped though) which is a good thing.....but if i see the log or history of peer guardian it says no IPs blocked.So, i dont know if the reason behind the reduction in no. of dropped pieces is peer guardian,but today no. of dropped pieces have reduced and i think i will continue to use peer guardian.
  9. ya....thanks i will install peer guardian and check. I don't think this is the problem with my router because this is the only task which has this problem. i will install PG and reply again. thank you.
  10. i read about magnet URI form wiki.....it was not clear to me though, i wanted know whether it better to use the magnet link than downloading .torrent or it is better to download .torrent file itself? is the magnet link same as the torrent download? what i mean is do we have peers,sharing,trackers,seeding,..... in magnet download. what is the use of the magnet, does it have any benefits over downloading .torrent? sorry, i guess i asked lots of questions together.....but please do reply. thank you.
  11. like these, 2011-02-01 05:50:42 Downloaded piece #2134 failed in hash check, 2048 KB dropped. 2011-02-01 05:54:59 Downloaded piece #1991 failed in hash check, 2048 KB dropped. 2011-02-01 05:55:23 Downloaded piece #2234 failed in hash check, 2048 KB dropped. 2011-02-01 05:56:04 Downloaded piece #1990 failed in hash check, 2048 KB dropped. 2011-02-01 05:56:59 Downloaded piece #2263 failed in hash check, 2048 KB dropped. 2011-02-01 05:57:18 Downloaded piece #2043 failed in hash check, 2048 KB dropped. there are over 60+ errors in the logs. i have added a screen shot, take a look at the logs. i just installed BC 1.26 still the problem persists.
  12. log: 2011.02.01 03:41:32 Downloaded piece #635 failed in hash check, 2048 KB dropped. this error is appearing repeatedly( the above line is from logs),and lot of the download is wasted......what is it? what can i do about it to solve. i use:- win XP SP3 BitComet 1.25
  13. I had read those before and opened it.......just a while ago i noticed that my lan IP has changed form xxx.xxx.x.2 to xxx.xxx.x.5 could that be the reason.
  14. My bitcomet version is 1.25,and os win XP SP3,connection type ADSL. I had managed to open the listen port before and was working fine for many days, but now from about 3 days i am unable to open it, it shows listen port blocked. Before the port was 16639 and now i tried to open by adding different ports after 16639 was blocked, but still i am unable to open it. please help. thank you.
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