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  1. Hi Vasy :) I just need to say something about your sentence below the cool Aurora... It's almost unbelievable for most of the ppl. but ,indeed the overwhelming part of society acts exactly that way: avoid everything by beeing meaningless. i say: Take your stand for what you are! Or stay Zombie. I hope that you think as you show it here.(a bit the same, i meen) T.C. Greets, Jack.

  2. Hi there, staff. I hope it's the place for my reply . It's about VIP. i got 27.600 score in my Bitcomet client, and was wondering if i am worth getting some VIP period or what else i need to achieve. Thx for replying that one . jackU1
  3. JackU1

    Axxo Dl's

    <_< right ! And yeah, if it is fact that i am not very understandable,then i apprecchiate your replys even more :) so i will study, and watch better where (and in wich form) i will put my posts. ok ;) Thx, your doing a great job, and i amlooking foorward to be allowed to reply at topics someday... PS: I would also like to upload an Avatar, if i might do so. untill the next njoying visit i will have here, Bye.
  4. I could help translate/ support a Geram part of da forum, if wanted to... would like to, tell me if you need such a help. :D

  5. up, sorry i never cisited here. exept 1 time, where i saw an awesome amount of dood reples to my post in da lounge Hehehe.

    Hello all! keep up your good work and strengthehn the comm. ;) Best regards, & TC.

  6. JackU1

    Axxo Dl's

    If you Dl Movies as let's say IRONMAN2. you'll always get a .htm that directs you in a choose of 3 Games? while the 1. Tab says he's waiting for aproval. In 1 of these thre hints i saw posts with warning about people appear and saying you wich Modem-Ip Time and how long it took for this particular file they Dl'ded ? Possible? Forget It? I didnt got that approval, after which i should have become the rar PW e-mailed... But I'm wondering about other people's expiriences with that... THX.
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