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  1. Hi Kluelos, Ok, clearly I am on the wrong planet here in my thinking. Below I have inserted ranking on BitComet, which might help me explain myself better. When you rank up in score on some specific rank ups like Recruit to Private for example your Max Resources raises from 41 to 42. How does that help us? Am I correct in saying when you rank up BitComet gives you more of their resources, which help your download and upload speed improve? This was my thinking behind my earlier statement. I thought the hole purpose of getting to General and this points system was away that BitComet could rewar
  2. Hi BitComet, Thank you for all your hard work! I have just upgraded my BitComet version to 1.22 and this version can't log me onto BitComet at all. I have used the right user name and password, this has been verified by logging on to CometID / CometPassport without any problems. It says my password must be between 6-20 digits. I am using the right password without any luck and I have even tried changing my password for a new one, which has no effect either. This is a big problem for me as without being logged in all my progress has been lost. THis week I was supposed to be promoted to Ma
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