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  1. I was able to load ver 1.73 on my wife's win 10 home edition and I notice it pops up a choice for adware install before installing bitcomet. So I added bitcomet to the pop up allow list and it installed fine. The error message is a far cry from being intuitive. Thank you for all your concern, it kept me thinking.
  2. I can't find that screen in my bitcomet ver 1.50; are you using ver 1.73 for this? Are you running on windows 10?
  3. where is this statistics? bit comet or win 10 or router. if in bitcomet where do i find it
  4. I lowered the uac to lowest and in port fwd i said port range is 3388:3390 and set the port to 3389 which is my win 10 listen port i found using regedit. I set to both udp and tcp. still no go same error
  5. I'm not having a problem getting into the router. Once in I can't find anything that says listen port. I got bitcomet 1.50 from Foss and it unzips the entire directory so I make a shortcut of the bitcomet app in that directory onto the desktop and it is working. I have ver 1.6 on my old computer and it works fine but it also won't load ver 1.73 with same error as on the new x1 carbon. version1.73 is not a zip file but a installer that wants to load into 😄 programs/bitcomet. Does 1.73 have known problems?
  6. I got a spectum router and can't figure out where the listen ports are. I tried disable the firewall and antivirus. Tried setting exceptions for .exe and folder programs/ It installed fine and works on my older lenovo T410 so it would seem it is set ok. My new computer is a lenovo x1 carbon and it asked me a tlhousand q;uestions when setting up about commumication with ms etc. abittorrent loads fine and works fine. I miss bit comet but am at a loss as what is causing it . It would seem its a MS setting win 10 pro on both computers thanks
  7. I got a new win 10 computer and when I try to install bitcomet it say no internet or check fire wall. Is there a port i need to open? I loaded it on my older computer with no issue. or is there a windows setting that is causing this.
  8. I did a search here on "anonymous" and read in a post that Tor project forbids use for p2p. Does that still hold and does it apply to bit comet? I currently use peer guardian , is that the best Im going to do unless I get some kind of subscription like VIP or others?
  9. Will Tor software :https://www.torproject.org/ make my bit comet work anonymously?
  10. Hello again, I erased all the junk I set up before and started from scratch. I set up a static ip on my laptop and setup the portforwarding and I got a green light now! Thanks for all the advise! I set up the dhcp in router manually so it will not issue my static id. I set up bit comet to use 65432 as a listen port. Rebooted all my devices and they all work with internet ok. :)
  11. wikipedia says it owned by Sony and states: Crackle currently features original content and licenses movies from Columbia Pictures, TriStar Pictures, Screen Gems, and Sony Pictures Classics and TV shows from Sony Pictures Television.[9] I gues I just have a hard time understanding how they are making money at this but I guess it all trickles down by buying the licences for big bucks then selling smart tv's with crackle and however else they are making money with this as a feature. Thanks
  12. I'm sorry if I have offended you. I used the instructions for my model at : http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/2wire/3800HGV-B/BitComet.htm I don't find any instructions for static ip or "Don't skip this step" there. However I will follow your advise and do this this evening when I get home. Thank you
  13. I got the ip address from the lower rt bottom of the bit comet screen telling me that listen port 8398 is blocked. I followed the portforwarding instructions for my model router. Which device am I suppose to select? the router? I 've tried everything listed and also entered router also. I can't get this yellow light off...
  14. I did a google on crackle and got this: http://www.crackle.com/c/Movies?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=&utm_content=spWRwq5Ab_9489916812_487lrz1638&utm_term=crackle%20movies Free movies no commercials.
  15. I don't understand why downloading movies with bit torrent is illegal when there are so many legal sites letting you view free movies. eg IDBM.com and a app called Crackle have a ton of free movies you can watch. Are these movies in a public domain or something like some books are? Would appreciate some enlightenment..
  16. I have a 2wire model 3800hg-v . Bit comet says "blocked" My access to router is using . my computer ip is A reverse ip on the 75 number says it is =lightspeed.stlmo.sbcglobal.net. Is this a proxy server somewhere blocking me.?? I did the port forwarding as described for my model ie added bit comet to allowed apps and open the port 8398 using the 75. ip as the location .and restarted bit comet but is still yellow blocked on bitcomet.
  17. I am using ver 1.22 bit comet and xp with mcafee firwall. The light in lower rt is yellow and says my listen port is blocked with a ip address :port number I opened the port in mcafee firwall setup and it still is yellow , tried rebooting no go. Im using a att uverse router. What can I do?
  18. We just got a new smart TV by sony. I copy movies from my pc to flash drive usb and then plug the flash drive into usb port of tv and it plays the movie full screen. The wonders of modern technology!
  19. I am burning dvd on laptop with nero 7 and when I play it on tv it breaks up and freezes. It plays fine in the laptop and on my pc tower. If i burn the dvd on my tower using the same nero 7 and the same settings it works fine on the tv. Is this a problem with my laptop dvd drive or a performance issue with laptop itself. It is a Gateway mx6440 laptop with a amd turion 64 mobile technology ML-32 Drive is dvd+/- rw multi formant double layer up to 8.5 gb thanks
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