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  1. Sorry it took so long for this reply; however, here is the info you asked for, Lucy26. As for the clearing of the playlist question, yes. If there was an option to automatically clear the playlist (like a checkbox in the options that can allow it to happen if the user requests) instead of automatically stacking songs added every time. Note that my other two responses would usually need said checkbox unchecked anyway. But it would be nice to be able to do it. Whenever you minimize the program to the little bar on the right side of the screen, if you open another file, it opens the player again. Is there a way we can get an option to keep it hidden as we add files to the player? In order to reproduce the question, open a file (doesn't matter which), click the icon that pops in the background bar (which should hide the program), then try to open another file via Explorer. You'll notice that the player pops back up again. I would like an option to prevent that from happening. As for queuing files, if you were to take a look at Winamp, there is an option in there (it's hidden in the options for some reason) to enable queue and play. Basically, what it does is this: If there are no files playing, it will automatically open the player upon double-click of a file and start to play it (as how Comet Player works now); however, if there is already a song playing, it will instead add the file to the playlist instead of immediately playing the file. So, if you're listening to "Closer", whenever you double-click "Don't Know Why", it adds "Don't Know Why" to the playlist, but doesn't stop playing "Closer". I also noted two new issues with the player, both of which existed on 0.6 and are still in 0.7: 1. The first is a graphics issue. The Shuffle/Repeat buttons are backwards. Whenever you click the Shuffle button, it pops repeat options and vice-versa. It's not really a problem, it's just not right. I figured you guys would want to know. 2. The second is toggling Shuffle on automatically toggles Repeat All on. While nice, there are times when I just want to Shuffle through a playlist once and be done with it. Again, not really a problem, but it can be annoying. On the plus side, it does automatically toggle Repeat All off again whenever you toggle Shuffle off. ;-) Actually, that last statement may be considered a bug too, as it's not supposed to do that either... I apologize again for not responding as quickly as I should've. Keep up the awesome work with the players (this one and MPC Star). I love them both. I will make a point to check this again soon so I don't keep you waiting.
  2. Thank you for your response, Lucy. My MPC Star is currently not up-to-date with the current release, so I will have to get on that to fix my shortcuts. I have a couple suggestions for the player... 1. Can you see about adding an option to automatically clear the previous playlist whenever you double-click to open another file or group of files? 2. An option to keep the player hidden in the background when you double-click to add and play files would be appreciated. 3. Can we possibly see about an option to cue a file instead of instantly playing it unless nothing is playing or the player isn't open? Keep up the awesome work. I am officially a CometPlayer fan. :-)
  3. Thank you, and I appreciate your time. Keep up the good work.
  4. Would there be any chance of possibly seeing a feature such as this in a later release?
  5. I just noticed the Comet Player whenever I tried to launch a mp3 the other day. I will admit, this is nice program. However, I have a few questions about it... First, where did the program come from? I don't recall downloading it unless it was in the MPC Star 4.6 installation and I missed it. Second, where are the shortcuts to launch it? They didn't install with MPC Star. At the moment, I just let the mp3 launch the player via double-click. Finally, where is the default installation directory so I can make some temporary shortcuts to it? Thanks in advance. Awesome player, by the way. I love the fact that it uses like less then 1% of my processor all the time. Much better then greedy Windows Media Player and iTunes. Excellent job. Now, if we can just get it to burn CDs and convert files to mp3... ;-)
  6. @kluelos I think what he's trying to say is that the HD videos play very slow using MPC Star, which is mostly due to the computer (as mine can't play HD videos either because it's not powerful enough to keep up). In the other part, I believe he was requesting support for VCD and Super VCD formats, which have the extension .dat. I'm not sure if you ever got a translated question or not, but I believe that was his intentions on this post. Sorry, I read a lot of horribly written text messages, IMs, and rough translated readmes for various programs I use. I hope this helps you guys.
  7. Thank you for your response. I apologize that it took so long, but I've been busy elsewhere. I had noticed the Hotkeys (not the Global Hotkeys actually, so thanks again for pointing that out), but I was referring to the switches that you would launch from either the shortcut or a batch file. I use batch files to make portable shortcuts, for example. So the syntax in the rawest form would say something like: cd "%programfiles%\mpcstar" start mpcstar.exe And the switch, of course, would go after mpcstar.exe for something such as maximize. Or in the shortcut itself: "C:\Program Files\MpcStar\mpcstar.exe" And again, the switch would go after the mpcstar.exe in the shortcut. Mainly, I'm wanting the player to automatically maximize whenever I start it to watch a video. Can MPC Star do that, or do I have to maximize it every time? Again, thank you guys and girls for such an excellent player. PS: Yes, the above batch file does work to make portable shortcuts. Note you don't target a drive, but you do target the rest of the path. Also note that the above is just an example and will target "C:\Program Files\MPCStar". ;-)
  8. I just wanted stop and show my support for you guys and girls working on MPC Star and ask two questions about 4.6: Why was the "Normalize Volume" option removed? It worked wonders on my laptop. And is there any chance that it may be added back to a future version? I only ask because DVDs typically have this horridly low sound volume, whereas a typical mp4 has a (just guessing here) 50% boost over the DVD. With the Normalize feature, I only had to check the box, and the program took care of the rest. Other then that, excellent job with the player. Keep up the good work. Oh, and one more thing I just thought of in a two-part question: Are there any command switches for MPC Star (such as a switch to start compact or maximized) and where might one find them? I tried Google and the first thing I found was the MPC Star Changelog.
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