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    Bug report

    Hi all. It's been awhile and I'm using the 0.7 version. I just discovered yesterday that this problem still exists. I was having only 2 songs playing with both "shuffle" and "repeat" on while doing housework. It was working fine for about 1hour. Then all of a sudden, it won't continue (the repeat or shuffle function stopped working although they were still showed on). I didn't even touched my computer during that hour. So basically, cometplayer will refuse to repeat or shuffle for no reason at no particular timing. Is it possible that the player was doing some feedback stuff at some point and you guys somehow messed up the handler?
  2. arthas702

    Bug report

    there is no crash.zip there because the app didn't crash. It just goes crazy mode randomly and also the repeat function doesn't work randomly.
  3. arthas702

    CometPlayer Trouble

    same here. and I'm also experiencing seizure lol
  4. arthas702

    Bug report

    version is 0.6, the one came with mpcstar4.8 actually i didn't plan to install it but it just happened to be installed.. anyway i need a mp3player for my new system and i was hoping this cometplayer would be the one. or i'll have to get stupid ttplayer or winmap instead.
  5. arthas702

    Bug report

    that's the first thing i could think of. unfortunately, no. it just happens for no reason. and yet, the repeat function doesn't work. I was playing warcraft half way and the music stopped. it sucks.
  6. arthas702

    Bug report

    I wish cometplayer could be as clean as mpcstar but there are just too many bugs on my win7 64-bit system. first, the repeat/shuffle feature don't work sometimes. 2nd, it goes into crazy mode without any clear reason. It keeps jumping to next song constantly and I can't do anything to stop it. It lasts 5sec to 30sec and it stops.