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  1. Well yeah i guess i should, its just that i never really payed attention to memory issues till recently i mostly use this laptop for word processing and internet. I think i will try to get some new RAM soon, but just as a side note when i run out of RAM the player crashes every time, so maybe my VM isn't protocols aren't working right :\ i don't know just heads up if there's a glitch there, but yeah im going the hardware route I don't think its necessary for me to dig through this and debug since this is probably pretty rare thanks you guys
  2. this is maybe about 20 minutes later
  3. I have been using MPC star for years and one bug that ive noticed for a while (at least on my computers) is that when i play .MKV files in succession or when i pause them and leave them paused for too long, my memory (RAM) usage goes to 99% and i have to restart the player because my computer gets extremely sluggish. i havent noticed this on over formats since i don't really use others too much. I have 2 GB RAM on Windows 7 1.86 Dual Core, is this a known issue or is this my computer being dumb?
  4. Have you opened a .swf file recently? ive had this issue with this player before, i open a swf file and i just close the player, then next time i try to open a video file it is completely mute, what i have to do is open a .swf file again, then once the player loads with the file you will here sound from it, now that you here the sound you need to load a file by pressing Ctrl+O this SHOULD bring back the sound, this will only work if the sound went away AFTER you had opened flash file, if you here sound when you load a flash file i think this will also work
  5. I've been trying to watch videos on my network with MPC Star (my favorite player by far) but it takes a long time to load and often Stops responding on me, Im using windows 7 and the files i try to view are typically about 250-300 MB big mainly .MKV If i leave it alone and give it about 2-3 minutes the player loads the file and then its fine the rest of the way through, i can skip through the video with no problems. If i use vlc from videolan it works fine but i dont like the interface and my videos tend to glitch up a lot with it can someone help me? is there some setting that will help fix this or am i just gonna have to live with it?
  6. try playing a flash file (.swf) and close MPC star and then open your other file, it fixed my problem
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