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  1. Hi kluelos, Thanks, tried and succeeded! Now I have algorythm. Will take sometime, though, to restore at least 1/4. Well, there is no rush.
  2. Hi Grand Wizard, Thanks. Yes, the HDD physically broke. It was HDD with the system and My Documents. My Documents I have recovered, but system had to re-install on new disc. What is left of data: all downloaded files (were on other discs), about 20-30 .torrent files of more than 300 and the downloads.xml file gone as was re-written with the fresh one after re-installing of BitComet. Question: can I somehow restore (gradually?) seeding of the downloaded files?
  3. Hello All, After my system HDD broke down, I had ot re-install the system(OS), incl. BitComet. Now I want to restore all my downloads for seeding, but I am at a loss how to do it, please help. BitComet version (newly installed) 1.34 OS Windows XP SP3 Home Edition; Windows firewall, Windows security Essentials; Connection: LAN to apartment, then ASUS WL-500gPv2. Thanks!
  4. Hi greywizard, Thank you for your help! best regards, Andrey
  5. HI All, I have already 195 downloads and I seed them all. Now I want to put some order in downloaded files and want to move some files into other folders. I am afraid, that doing that, Bitcomet will not see them and will not seed them: I have moved a file once and now I receive error message "Downloaded file is missing". How that can be solved? I use Bitcomet 1.26; Internet connection via router ASUS WL-500gp v2; Windows XP SP3, ESET NOD32. Many thanks and regards, Andrey
  6. Perfect! Done as you said, hope there will be no problem anymore. Thanks a lot!
  7. Hi kluelos, Thanks a lot. First part is clear, started to use it, however, second part not clear very much: "There's an option to do a hash check when a download completes, which I have enabled and I never have this issue arise. You may want to try that." Absolutely want to try it, please explain, how to enable it? I could not find how. Many thanks again!
  8. Hi All, Use BitComet 1.22, Connection LAN -> router ASUS WL-50gP V2, Windows XP SP2, Windows Firewall, Antivirus ESET NOD32 4.0 Question is above in subj., BitComet shows that download is completed, but the file is still *.bc!. It occurs not with all files, I cannot see any system, but, say every 3rd file. I could not find the topic in the forum nor in FAQ, therefore posting the question here. Many thanks, would appreciate advise or a link to a relevant topic. BR, Andrey
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