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  1. http://www.cometforums.com/topic/12796495-problem/ please check this topic
  2. hi why evre time i go to open my vip Service it tell me ( your service of VIP acceleration has expired) i never Active my vip trial Service
  3. Any time is going down of the next version
  4. Is this a problem in the bitcomet program or in the comet id
  5. Hi I guess that's the same problem I had http://www.cometforu...-the-commet-id/ I think every time he moved to the next level meet me the same problem The EXP was not correctly displayed my EXP should be 1% or 2%
  6. I use Kaspersky for nearly four years Thanks
  7. I say maybe, not sure 1- use bitcomet 1.23 2- dail up brodband
  8. Hi When i download atorrent file he download normal but after one or two minute stop form download (perhaps the cause of the protection program) I use kaspersky internet security 2011 Speed 400 kb/s Thanks
  9. yas i mean thereis aprooblem in the (EXP) i will Understand How works the points and the score Thanks
  10. ok but her see BC Score = Points from online time + Points from uploaded Bytes. 1.Being online can generate 2 points per hour, with a limited maximum of 20 points, per day. 2.Uploading files continually, via BitTorrent protocol, can generate 1 point per 10MB, with a limited maximum of 100 points, per day. 3.Downloading files, via BitTorrent protocol, doesn't affect the Score. The same applies to HTTP and FTP protocol. 4.The Score will be refreshed every 24 hours. to up my points and i online (6-8)hours on the day and i uploading (98)mb of torrent but the points(EXP) Remained zero Wh
  11. hi i have comet id (NEW) but y the Points Remain Zero and the Score up to (95) like the Photos (why) and how 1- up the (EXP)(0%) 2- up the level THANKS
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