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    God's healing and deliverance, his mending of brokeness, his miracles made to fit our needs, and trusting him that we may receive these blessings. I am a true child of God who also enjoys spreading the word of God, gardening, collecting joyful Gospel , Praise & Worship hits,collecting movies, old school 80's elctro-funk (breakdance) music.

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Hello all God's children,

My name is Linda. I am a proud mother of five beautiful children whom I adore, and thank God for because they are the blessings my Father bestowed upon me to keep me alive and out of the streets. I speak in reverence of my Lord and Savior because he has redeemed me from my past struggles, and set me upon a rock to stay close to him always. He is the reason for my existence, and my continual praise of his name. Presently, I am attending Axia College of University of Phoenix (online)majoring in Accounting. After putting in a lot of hard work in class, I enjoy learning more about the goodness of God, collecting great movies (old & new),increasing my old school music collection, gardening, and spreading the word of God to those who may be less fortunate than myself. I do this for my Lord because there is always someone who is in a worst situation than others, and we are all God's children no matter what our situation. In other words, we should all remember to thank God for the little things that we often take for granted. :D

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