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  1. Just wondering, was it ever considered to have a very small and "light" version of bitcomet as well, since in my personal opinion, BC is becoming a bit heavy and really dragging especially with larger tasks. Just a simple version with only the necessary core features without all the other additions
  2. sorry, i took for granted that i had already posted what version i was using in another topic, since the staff that was helping me was also answering my questions here. It's 1.23 and it still reverted to 0. I used the zipped version and everything afterward started to work normally. And.. all of the settings on both are exactly the same, i triple checked to make sure they were identical in terms of all the options so i don't know what went wrong with the installed version.
  3. Using the zipped version seems to have solved the issue. Thank you
  4. kk, i'll give it a try. Any reason why the zipped version in particular?
  5. I used to let them finish hash check before i download and i got the same problem. I let them hash check again today and they stopped again.
  6. All my tasks enter the stopped state after a short time and that's all that you see here currently
  7. yea but if you click on a task that has that red X next to it and you click start, mine doesnt hash check, it begins the download from 0% (at least thats what is shown). Only after i manually hash check a task with a red X or error does it show the % that it was at when the crash/error occured. BUT after that manual hash check is done, it enters the stopped state and not the state where it is downloading. My suggestion was to add a feature whereby after you manually hash check a task, it will also begin downloading right after. Would be helpful for huge tasks like >10 gig tasks, specially if you want to download overnight.
  8. I'm sorry lucy, i must be stressing you out =( (at least this is the last post i can make in a while apparently =P) but i just wanted to ask if you guys plan to update this: to include browsers like opera/firefox/chrome or any other very popular and heavily used browsers? If not, that's my suggestion for you =)
  9. I don't believe there is a "hash check and start" option available on the client. Sometimes when you click start, THEN it starts to hash check and THEN after it is done, will the torrent proceed to begin downloading. However, if it is downloading, but you think it needs to do a hash check because you see something amiss, if you stop the torrent and then hash check it, it will not download afterward. Maybe i'm confusing you a bit so here is an example. Let's say i have a torrent that is 34.6% downloaded, then someone hits the cable out of an external hard drive where the torrent was downloading to. (Now you'd see a red X). You plug back in your hardrive, it has the same drive letter as before so the download location is the same, but you clicked the torrent to start and now instead of startiing from 36.4% it starts to download from 0%. Obviously a hash check is needed at this point, so you stop the download and then you manually hash check the task. However, it is a very big file, 15 gigs and you want the torrent to start as soon as it finishes the manual hash checking but it won't do that because when it is done it will enter the stopped state. I hope that example helps, adding a "manually hash check and continue downloading" option would be greatly appreciated, especially for people who want to download overnight while they sleep and have big tasks. If it is possible to do this already however, please let me know =)
  10. In the forum description, the first few words reads "why cometbird?" I thought i'd find the answer by visiting. Is there a list of features i can find? a general rundown of specifics or technical stuff i can read up on? or is the only way to find out by actually getting and using it? Throw me a sales pitch here >.<
  11. Hello, i'm not really new to bitcomet (major general) but i'm new to the forums. I was brought here because i had some trouble with my client and i think i'll be a a fairly frequent visitor from now on. I love the client and maybe i'd be able to contribute in some way or another to the community. I ask serious questions and cut straight to the point at times, but i hate aggression. i hope none of the staff think me difficult or troublesome because of it >.> i mean well ^.^ Anyway, here i am =)
  12. MaliceTheRebel


    I wanted to ask staff if this -> http://www.utorrent.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3531 is true and if not, how did they arrive at such claims if you are in fact aren't cheating? Don't get me wrong, i love bitcomet, i think it's the best client out there, (though i'm getting a serious problem as of recently) i just wanna know if their accusations are founded in truth and why.
  13. I think there should be a google chrome integration for bitcomet. Most if not all my friends now use google chrome and i've recently made the switch too seeing that my firefox has been giving tons of problems recently.
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