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  1. :blink: Yay! The problem solved. It's the second time I restart the comp. I installed Real Player SP before the second restart... Is it related...? The video I muted is a flash game I downloaded using BitComet Video Downloader add on for Firefox & Cometbird. I searched for that flash file, and open and then there's sound... even after I unmute it again. :D :D :D
  2. Oh, forget to mention. If I'm not mistaken it should be 4.7 and it was working normally until I mute the sound. I tried to fix it by upgrading it to 4.9 but nothing changes. I even uninstall and reinstall an older version, still I can't hear any sound. I can play the same video with other video player normally and smoothly. :(
  3. After I muted a video, when I opened a video later with mpcstar, it doesn't play any sound although I switched off the mute sound and increased the volume to 100%. Actually similar thing happened in the past when I'm using Window XP, if I'm not mistaken when I muted or set to volume 0%, one of the volume in volume panel down to 0% so I set it back to 100% and I can hear sound. But now I'm using Window 7 and I'm still not familiar with Window 7 yet, can I solve this problem with similar method or what? My English is not so good, sorry What should I do? Help! please ):
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