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  1. Well, I feel a little slow. I thought the problem was more complicated than it actually was. But Vasy nailed it. I have no idea what was using that port but when I changed my bitcomets listening port to something else everything greened right up. I'd like to thank everybody for their help though
  2. I left my bitcomet client open all day today and have been checking it regularly. So far, I haven't seen any connected peers with remote initiation. I've also verified that my PCs IP is static and not in my routers DHCP range. And I've bounced my UPnP settings in both bitcomet and my router to no effect.
  3. My Bitcomet client is telling me my listening port is being blocked. I do have a router and and I believe I have my ports properly forwarded. I've used a couple of online port checking tools (CanYouSeeMe.org and others) which are telling me my listening port is open. I've already tried disabling my firewall which did not make a difference. I'm using Bitcomet version 1.23 and with Windows 7 home. And I have a Linksys WRT54G router. Does anybody know why Bitcomet is not seeing an open port? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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